Sunday, August 06, 2006

Birthday Girl

Okay so I was about 19 and got a job at Clothestime. It was my first real paid job. Yes I know what your thinking....19 and her first job? Better late than never.....Tam was my one of my boss's at Clothestime....I started as a retail salesperson and then got the responsibility of carrying a key and closing and opening.....that was real power for me!! LOL The good thing was it was right close to the Graduate and after work it was fun to go dancing!!!

Tam and I used to have so much fun working a shift together. I got to do all the cleaning and putting away shipments and she did the reports at night. I also got to show the super freaks into the dressing room. Can you say hairy hands? EWWWWWW

She was just so deep and profound. She always knew just what to say. This year will be our 20th year of friendship....that's a long time to know someone....but then again it just seems like yesterday that her and I were cruising around in her pepto bismol pink VW bug.....listening to Heart and worrying about boys. Time have definately changed but she's still my Oprah.....thanks for all the great years Tam!!! Hope you have a super birthday year and get just the right curtains for your dollhouse!!!

Want to laugh your butt off? Well just go here and have fun!!! Happy Birthday Baby!!!


Vicki said...

Happy Birthday Tam! What a great story Steph!! I always seem to laugh when Tammy is around. She is so funny! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday! Your pizookie looks good!

mom-of-3boys said...

Happy Birthday Tam! Can't wait to go CELEBRATE your birthday with the other Jul/Aug/Sep (& Steph )birthday girls!!