Thursday, June 30, 2005

Group of friends at park......

It's never ending fun when you have all your friends at the park...Actually some were still not there at this point.....We look like a big old happy family!!

Also here is my son following the rules NOT at our friend's house on their Bonsai Falls water slide. Your supposed to slide down on your bootie. He's a great listener!!

How I manage summer.......

The only way to manage summer is the above photo!!! At the park with lots of sand toys!!! Throw in some friends of my own and other kids and we are set to kill a few hours!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Random Motion.......

Just thought these were funny.

We Love Basketball

Here's some fun photos of my kids at a Kings Basketball game, getting the end of the year bball award, Wolfie and Justin on opposite teams for DYB and one of my favorites....meeting Brad Miller !!!

I told you she's a rocker.....

Lexi is a rocker.....But I guess since it's her MOM that's got to buy her clothes....I have made her this way...but she's just so cute this way!!!

Ummmmm Chloe...

I hate to tell you this but your butt is a little too big to fit into this basket. I'm sure that somewhere around here there is a completely overpriced basket that your butt will fit in!!!

Rock N Roll Man!!!

Okay Lexi just LOVES anything rock n roll. Music with a great beat and clothes that are "rock and roll" She just got the perfect pair of rock n roll gloves and wears them all the time. She's already mastered the above rock sign for her next concert!!

Is this the face of an evil cousin?

How can such sweetness be so evil? Lexi just adores her cousin Jordan. Jordan has so much love to give that sometimes it hurts!!! :-) Lexi loves to call her the evil cousin. BUT who does she want to be with all the time? Jordan AKA Jo-Jo Potatoes! Here they are at Her "Coach Uncle" work BBQ posing at Jordans brother Taylor.

Cousins in Sonoma

We took a fun friday to head to Sonoma and explore the square. We got lunch and had a picnic and then drove home via Napa. A good day was had by all. Although all hell broke loose on the way home. They were angels till we hit I-80 and then the bickering and weirdness started!! I'm glad I didn't have to pull over and open a can of whoop whoop!! :-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lexi's Sleepover.....

Lexi and Jake had a sleepover tonight. Wolfie went to Justins and Jake came here. We went to Denny's and waited the kids said....for our food. I was STUFFED and when we got home the kids wanted to go on a walk. So off we went with full bellies around the block trying to keep up with the kids on their scooters. One lady asked us if they were twins and 2 other couples mentioned that we looked like we were having a hard time keeping up with them....LOL

You know what's priceless? Jake just asking to go home saying he missed his mom and dad. So Dad comes in his pj's and picks him up. Lexi's crying saying she doesn't want Jake to go home and she hates the new cat (random about the cat don't you think?) Let's see a credit card commercial for this one.... :-)

My friend....the Farmers Wife!!!

This is my friend Tam. She's got a weird obsession with cows and bulls. She will jump out of the car and ask to have her photo taken with these beast's. Just kidding....she really is a farmers wife. She's one of the hottest farmers wife's in Nor Cal....besides Schene!!

My Family....

Fun photos right? This is Lexi and Mom at Disneyland last summer 04. Also my favorite drink in the afternoon...iced tea. This is my new baby kitty Paris. Isn't she cute? I just love her and she's the best kitty. This is my family at my nephews 8th grade promotion. It was so HOT and my hair was flat and horrible. So now you guys see some nice photos of myself without any makeup.....nice huh???? :-)

Our Family!!!

Lexi and her daddy at Bubba Gumps in Monterey !!!!

One moment when they are not fighting!!!

No Training Wheels

FUN!!!! My Daddy taught my to ride!! My mom tried and she made my cry!!! Daddy's always better with this stuff!!!

Disneyland Summer 04

This is our favorite place to go!!! This is our godson Chase with Wolfie and Lexi.

Monday, June 27, 2005

New Baby Kitty

New Baby Kitty
New Baby Kitty,
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Isn't this cute!!!!

Isn't this just the cutest baby ever????

I'm cute!!!

I'm cute!!!
I'm cute!!!,
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Lexi being just so cute!!!!

Awwwww so cute!!!!