Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What makes Rob laugh ?

So most people that know Rob knows that his serious meter is about a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10.   The kids and I found something that really makes him chuckle.  At the end of American Idol Ryan Seacrest thanks the judges and ALWAYS and on PURPOSE skips thanking Simon.  It's funny but it CRACKS Rob up to the point of his eyes were misty tonight from laughing !!!!!!!   

It actually is pretty funny !!!!  Have you seen it ? 

Sunday, February 24, 2008



So Lexi and I tried to take Bella to Petco for her shots. Yeah, we are a bit behind the time frame for doing this but better late than never. We are the 3rd people to get in there for the shot clinic at 10AM sharp. Bella is FREAKING out. Whining, whimpering, crying, barking and howling. I tried every single trick in the book to get her to quiet down. I had her in a shopping cart with her towel down on there. She was trying to her best to get out and I had a choke hold on her collar. I have never seen a dog flip out so bad. I reached deep, deep down and tried to "channel" Ceasar Milan and his bag of tricks. She was flipped. Everyone was starring at Lexi and I. I felt like I had a toddler with me who was having the worst meltdown ever. 

I finally wrapped her in the towel, with her face covered and we left. NO SHOTS !!!!!!  We left in shame and humiliation !!!! LOL  

I'm going to just have to take her to the local vet.........oh well.....it was a total experience and I never want to re-live it again. So a few things on my to do list for Bella:

1) get her shots

2) get her fixed

3) sign her up for training

WHEW !!!!

Rainy Sunday

Hey where did the sun and spring go ? It's just not right to have the rain back again !

I was trying to upload a photo of the girl scout cookies that have come in .(Edit: Yeah I got it on) If you have ordered cookies from us THANK YOU ! We will be delivering them in the next few days. We are supposed to do site sales at our local grocery store but the rain is going to have to stop in order to get out there !!! LOL

So what else is going on. Basketball is going great for Wolfie and Lexi. The games are lots of fun. Rob almost loses his voice at Lexi's games from "instructing" the girls so they can hear him in between all the whistles, other teams playing and our girls not hearing him !! LOL He's drinking hot tea now to sooth his voice so he can still rOCK the praise band singing on Sunday mornings.

Work is great. It was a great move for me and even though we are UBER busy I love it.

I'm taking off to L.A. for a night in a few weeks. Going to do some GIRLIE bonding time with Tam, Kendall, Lexi and myself. Going to hit some Alley love, American Girl Place, Pinkberry, The GROVE and whatever other trouble we can find ! Any requests for purchases from the Alley will be taking in the next week !!! Seatbelt bags, Tiffany, colored contact lens, Watches, Turtles......whatever you want....we can get !!! LOL I'm not looking forward to the smell of the alleys.....do you need a mental description of what it smells like ? Nah I'm sure you can figure it out !!

Okay my lovely blog readers......American Idol is in full force and it should be great this season. I'm rooting for the Aussie dude....I think he can pull it off....looks...voice...yeah he will do !!!

So in the words of Randy Jackson...keep it real blog readers !!!! Peace out......

Monday, February 18, 2008

What the Duck ?

There is a funny comic strip about a duck that's a photographer !!!!!  Bookmark it and check it out each day......

movie poster.jpg

It's funny.......


Sunday, February 17, 2008


Did you think I was done using the cute .com for my blog titles ?  Yeah, I still love that !!!  What a nice busy weekend it's been so far.   Saturdays for 10 weeks straight it's all about basketball.  I love it so much !!! Yesterday I had been fighting getting a bad headache all week and woke up with one.  I took my meds and stayed in bed.  I missed Lexi's game but Coach Rob was there and Aunt Wendell.  By the time they all got home, I was up and feeling better.  Ready for the next game of the day.  

Wolfie's team (Let's hear it for the No-Names) played a great game on Saturday. It was a nice win for them. I know it's not always about the wins.....but this one felt good.....It's amazing the parent support this team has.  Grandparents and friends all there to cheer this AWESOME group of kids on.  Not only are the coaches supportive and wonderfully patient with the kids but they teach them and work with them to be better players and kids.  They don't yell or scream at them for no reason.  There is purpose, teaching and a genuine love of them game they are sharing with these "No Names" ......

The day didn't end with basketball.  Our God-Daughter Kendall turned 2 yesterday so her family came over and we had some BBQ, tri tip heaven, laughs and a yummy ELMO cake !!!  Actually it was just an Elmo head. Not sure if they charge more for the whole body....but the head did taste good.  There our more pics and fun at Flickr !  

Today is sunny and should be a fine day.  I do feel bad that we didn't make it to church today. The church is getting a new pastor and that's one of my goals for the new year....make it....be there and be with the kids there.....be present and show up....but just not for Sundays but for each year.  Each person's spirtuality is a individual journey and we each have to be accountable in our own way.   

I'm off to get some laundry going, open each of the drapes and let the sun in.  Looks for a nice day for a picnic !!!!  

What are you doing today ?  

p.s.  my spell check is not working....fyi....don't be judging !!!  

Real Housewives of the OC

I was reading one of my many photography blogs this morning and came across the guy who did Lauri Warings wedding to George Peterson.  You can go to his blog and check out all the photos of the strange couple !  

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kendall Stephanie Grace

One of the sweetest little girls turns 2 today !  Here's some sweet pics of her sweet little self ! 

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy !

birds ,
originally uploaded by Steffoush.
Happy Valentines Day friends !!! I hope you have a great day filled with love, chocolate, friends and family !!!!

I have GREAT/AWESOME news to share.....We got our 4 Way Stop installed !!!! Yeah !!!!!! It's great news for all the school kids walking to school !!!!

Some sad stuff though going around our town.....HUGE/GINOURMOUS budget cuts are going to have a HUGE impact on the kids.teachers.school enviroment in the upcoming school year. It's going to find lots of my friends without employment and kids will be losing lots of VERY valuable resources. Very sad !

It's almost time.....

originally uploaded by Steffoush.
for sweet little BK to turn 2 !!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seasons are Changing

seasons are changing
seasons are changing,
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You can see from all the different socks, shoes and foot attire that the seasons are changing !! YEAH !! Bring it Spring and Summer !

Can you relate ?

I found this on one of the photography blogs I read.  I can soooo relate to this ?  It's like I'm so busy and onto the next event during the day that the only time I have to update is at night.....it's crazy.  The new job is really helping my schedule get back to normal though !  It's a good thing in many ways !   

I also want to hear about YOU and how your life is going ?  So get a blog, Twitter, Flickr and join the revolution.  I have a MySpace....but I honestly hate it.  It takes to long to load, I hate the ad's on there and all the MySpace drama.  So Blogging is my love....So DO IT !!! GET ONE ! 

I'm also a total Flickr addict right now !!!!  The new camera is so fun and I used my Bunco Birthday Money to buy a new lens, flash, camera bag and remote.  OKAY so birthday bunco money didn't go that far....but my bank account made up for the difference !!  My new lens should be in next week and I can't WAIT to use it !!! It's a Nikon 50 mm.  Should be fun !   

Thanks for checking in !!!!  I did get to watch Baby Kendall yesterday for a few hours....and OF COURSE I took photos of the little angel.....Check out Flickr for Baby Kendall fun !! She's going to be TWO you know !!!!!!  

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tremendous Tuesday !!!!

Well what a great Tuesday it was !  I got my hair done with Kitty !! I love sitting there, letting the weave process , under the warm spotlight lights , sitting in the air chair and then getting my hair washed !!!!    It's heaven !!!!!   The last 2 times I have been there, Kitty has had real cat issues.  Last time one of the new baby kitties had fishing line wrapped around it's paw....INSTANT DRAMA......Luckily they got it off !!!!  Today one of her kitties that just got fixed had something "hanging" out of it's insicision....OMG.....I really had to FOCUS not passing out with that one !!!  

Other than that...life is good...how about you ?   

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Welcome to Sumpin Saturday

The R family is really being put to the challenge for 10 weeks straight.  Lexi's basketball games are all at 8am for 10 weeks straight......WOW !!!!  Wish us luck with this one !!!!!    

We have basketball today.  We are going to go and watch Josh's game also.  It's a division of 4 & 5 year olds.  Should make for some great D80 photos !!!! 

I'm also really excited to be a 4rd shooter at a "Grease is the Word" sock hop birthday party tonight.  It's a 13th birthday party for 3 friends of Wolfie's.   It's a costume party and should make for some wonderful photos !!!! 

Hope you all have a Sumpin Saturday........ 

Friday, February 01, 2008

Flagrantly Fab Friday

Welcome to Friday my faithful, loyal blog readers.  I think there may be 8 of you now !!  :-)   Are you going to have a awesome Friday ?  I am...why ?  I woke up to no rain this morning. YEAH........ no rain is good.  I need to figure out what's going on with my TV shows.  I heard that Lost was back on last night ?  Was it a new episode ?  I know it's TIVO's and ready for our viewing tonight but what's the scoop ?   

I hope you all have a great, totally tubular Friday !!!!!