Monday, March 27, 2006

On the Mend?

I think we are on the mend. Wolfie's feeling a bit better and has gained 4 more pounds. YEAH! This morning is the actual day of the last dose of prednisone so we will see how his symptoms are this week.

Rob's loving his new job and is now looking for a safer commute car. His car now is over 10 years old and not safe at all. He's really excited about the possibilities of where the new job could take him.

I'm back to work today and trying to get the house cleaned up. Amazing how a weekend can really just THRASH ones home!!

Here's a fun shot from last summer.....can't wait for the days of summer to come back!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baby Fix!

I got a baby fix today. I can rest easy now for a few more days!!! How can you not want to see her every day?She's such a easy baby and so sweet to hold!! Please note Deb's sister's BEAUTIFUL blanket that Princess Kendall is laying on!!!

My Godson raced his dirt bike this weekend and placed 1st & 2nd in his race/class.
Way to go Chasey Boy!!! Yes that's Wolfie hanging from Chase's back!! Hopefully Wolfie
won't have a relapse now!! LOL

Like any good aunt with a digital camera I also tormented Kendall !


Well truth be told her mom got them out!!! How would you like to get that bundle in your Easter Basket? BOCK BOCK Thanks Easter Bunny!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

TGIF Update


What a long week it's been. Wolfie started two different meds this week. Prednisone (steroid) and Omnicef (antibiotic) is what's on the menu this week. I guess when your on the Prednisone it shuts your immune system down. That's what Wolfie doc's want since it's been in overdrive with the prolonged fevers, rash, joint and muscle pain. Since it does shut your immune system down it can also open it up to other infections. So that's why the Omnicef is also on the menu.

I think he's actually feeling better since starting the new meds. I think he's legs feel better but he says his wrist's still hurt. He's also been pretty crabby at times and sooooooo itchy. We were up at 2AM last night putting Benedryl anti itch cream on his legs and arms. He said he wanted to just cut his skin off so it wouldn't itch anymore. Plus the meds have made him not sleepy at night so he feels like he just tosses and turns all night. His fevers have been gone since Tuesday afternoon. He may have been a bit warm on Wednesday but not like before.

The true test is when we come off the meds this weekend. If all the symptoms come back then it's on to see the Rheumatologist. We are just praying that it's not the case. We are all ready to get back to our normal routine of school, work and play!! The last basketball game of the season is Saturday and we will all be there to cheer the team on!! We were hoping that Wolfie would be able to play a bit but I'm not sure that will happen!! Go Yetis!!

He's got a great teacher coming out from the school district to help him one on one. Our plan is to keep him at home even next week, work with the teacher one on one and be totally caught up when he goes back the first week of April. I would of liked to send him back this upcoming Monday but since it's still cold/flu/weird virus season I will keep him home to get his weight/strength back up.

So that's the Friday scoop from here. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has asked or offered help during this time. It's very appreciated!!! :-)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Left, Right Center BABY!

I finally won the LRC dice game!!! It's been a long time coming and just once I wanted to
come home with all those dollar's!! It can be a cruel cruel game and you can
come oh so close to winning and then the rug is just pulled out from under you!!

Sweet Baby Kendall came to BUNCO last night. She was such a good girl except for a few peeps. She had the cutest little cowgirl outfit on and then got it dirty before all the bunco girls could see it. I saw it and I swear it was DARLING!!!

Everyone got into the baby loving last night!!! I had to pry her from Vicki's arms
to say goodbye to her!! LOL

She's so precious!!! The baby silly!!! Not me!!!

Even Ali Kate got into the baby loving before she went to sushi with her dad!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Up and Down......

Well what a roller coaster it's been with my son this last two weeks. The Doc called yesterday afternoon and said that the blood work they did on 3/8 came back as positive for walking pneumonia. He's had a slight cough the last few days but never would I think he's got pneumonia. His chest X-Ray came back fine but I guess you can get WP and still be okay and not really showing any symptoms. So now I'm asking the Doc's if this was his main problem or a add on to all this. I don't know if you have WP if that makes your WBC and ASO Titer (Strep) still come back high. Poor Buddy!!!

He's got moments of feeling fine like last night. We went to pizza for Lexi's birthday and get together with her Godmom and cousin's. He was feeling better but looking pale and still not himself. He was laughing and smiling so that's a good thing. Then we get home and the rash is raised and itchy and he's warm. He was warm during the night and we will keep him home today from school. We feel so bad for him going through all this.

He's going in tomorrow for a bone scan. It's fairly painless except for the shot at the begining but he's ready. They want to see if the strep is hiding somewhere in his bones. Come out and play strep!

Rob said that this upcoming Monday is the First Day of Spring....we are hoping to get Wolfie back to the land of the living on Monday and get our life going back on track. It's also the day Rob starts his new job!! Yeah for ROB!!!! Wish us all luck!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


6 years ago today I was in the hospital holding my new baby girl. Amazed at what the human body can actually do and that I had done it for a second time. What was I thinking? Lexi's birth was fairly cut and dry except for the part where the epidural wore off. I still remember the evil nurse Anna telling me just push about her upping the epidural and not telling me to push ! Not having another c-section was great in so many ways. We were sitting at the sushi bar two days later and amazed. With Wolfie's c-section I was in pain for about 2 weeks after. We were living in a two story condo at the time of Wolfie's birth and Rob was just DONE with bringing me food and drinks as I sat in my princess bed with my new son!

Lexi's a funny girl. She can be so quite and shy at school but at home watch out. Be sure not to make her mad. She will get her guitar out and make up a song. She's really the next Alanis Morissette. She's got the rock and roll shirts to prove it. She's got a real idea about what she wants to wear on a daily basis and is not shy about voicing her opinions about fashion. She's always been into arts and crafts. She's loved to paint from the age of one and will make the biggest messes around with all her crafts. She's got more stuffed animals than one girl should ever have....she plays with each and every one of them. If we could get her to clean up the messes she makes we would be fine! :-)

She loves her big brother so much. I remember when she was a baby her laughing at him and his funny faces and noises. She even realizes that she can't do everything he does, since he's 11, and that really makes her mad. When he plays with her it's like she won the lottery!! With him being sick lately she's been so sweet to him. She even ask's her class at school to pray for him at the end of the day. Since they can't pray at school....they made him a get well card and all the kindergarteners signed it for him. She even raided her friends kitchen telling the mom that her brother was sick and could she take these snacks home for him?

One thing I love about Lexi is the hand hold. Ever since she started to walk I would just put my hand down to hold hers. No matter if it was crossing the street or walking on a busy sidewalk she would always take mine. Even to this day I just put my hand down by my side and she takes it. I just love that about resistance and always willing to take moms hand.





Birthday Photo Montage....Part Deux

Oh believe me it's coming.....LOL......give me some time to warm the scanner up!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Back from the Doctor.......

We went to a AWESOME doctor today. He's a pediatric infectious disease specialist and spent almost 2 hours with us. He feels that Wolfie's prognosis is great and seeing Wolfie made him feel much better about his situation. Wolfie looked pretty good today. Even though he had just taken a 3 hour nap before we left for the doctor. Per Wolfie's blood work he's had a strep infection somewhere in his body that was never treated 3-4 weeks ago. It was never caught cause his throat cultures all came back NEG. So now his body is in overdrive trying to treat the old strep (even though it's going or gone already) hence the fevers and on-going symptoms.

He would like to do a bone scan

Maybe also a white blood cell scan

If there is an absess somewhere in his body that could very well be causing the infection and the body to be fighting so hard right now. He said it's also a good idea to see the dentist in case there may be a mouth absess. There will be more blood work in the upcoming week. He did stress that he's NOT contagious at this point and can go back to school if he's up to it. We are going to try for mini days and see how he's feeling. I think it would do him good to be back with his peeps and back in the groove.

He gave us lots of info and will also refer us to a rheumatologist. Here's what they do:

At this point they really want to cross every T and dot every I to make sure that Wolfie's okay. He's still a little worried why even with the prescribed apririn therapy he's still got a low grade fever going on. Wolfie's also on penicillian to help with any infection. All in all we felt really good about the visit today and are hoping we can put all this behind us soon!!! Please keep up the prayers for us and Wolfie!! I think it's really working!!!

Spoke too soon......

Okay he's got his low grade fever back....I spoke too soon. BUT the fact that it broke must be good!!! Will let you all know what the Doc says.....

No FEVER Baby!!

Wolfie woke up today with no fever......the first day in over a week ! I didn't get my new thermometer till over a week ago, but he's really had a fever on and off for 2 weeks. I'm praying this is a turning point for him and the meds are kicking in and working! We are still going to see the Doc today. I will let everyone know what's going on!!

I think all the prayers this last Sunday are really working!!!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

My sons got heart !

It's been a crazy week. Wolfie's been pretty sick. He's had 2 EKG's, 1 echocardiogram of his heart, about 35 vials of blood taken (Yeah he got so tough) and x-rays of sinus and lungs. He's had a rash, fever for over a week, swollen fingers and feet, sore muscles, lost 6 pounds and just feeling crummy. Plus missing the last games of his basketball season with his peeps can make a person just feel so sick.

The echo above is his heart. His heart is just fine and everything around the heart looks good. They have been throwing everything out at us from Rheumatic Fever which stems from an unfound/untreated case of strep in the body, Kawasaki's Disease, Vascular Collagen Disease and a plate full of others. None are in the REALLY FREAK YOU OUT catagory so please don't be worried about anything like that....for now. I really like the doc's at Kaiser and they have called me every day and been very honest and open with us. I even have their private phone numbers in the back know if you have ever dealt with Kaiser this is like winning the lottery!

We were supposed to be in Disneyland this week. I wrote my kids out at school on Independant Study so the kids could get all their make up work. We were traveling there with my family, my friend , my godson and new baby.

It was also supposed to be pouring down rain in LA this week. That's not fun to take a newborn baby in the rain to the happiest place on earth. We had waited for the day a long time to take all the kids (AND ROB MY HUBBY) to the happiest place on earth all together. Tam with her new baby, Rob wanting to see the Mr. Lincoln show again, Lexi screaming for more chips and a soda, Chase and Wolfie off riding California Screaming, me trying to get behind the scenes and take some secret photos of behind the scenes....walking right down the middle of main street USA.

The Sunday before we were supposed to leave Wolfie had a 103.5 fever and I just thought there is no way we can go on the trip this week. Monday morning I called and canceled the hotel and flight and they were all really nice about it. So we have some nice CREDIT at Southwest right now and I can't wait to use it someday!! Mickey can wait!!! Lucky for me I had taken this last week off work. I'm going to have to take it day by day this upcoming week. My hubby's ending a awesome job he's had for 8 years this upcoming week, it's our daughters birthday and he's getting ready to start another job. What a CRAZY couple of weeks it's been.

So here we are on Saturday. He's on two different meds and still has a low grade fever. We have an appointment on Monday to see an Pediatric Infectious Disease Doctor and possibly if needed the same day a Pediatric Rheumatology Doctor.

Wolfie's been asking me if I was going to blog "him" being sick....well that just seemed wrong. Of course don't think that it didn't occur to me to take his photo when he was getting his EKG's...but that's the bad mother in me. I asked him if I could blog this heart photo and he said yes.

There have been a couple things that I have learned this last few weeks. We are very blessed. Friends and Family who offer to do anything for us, offers of tutoring Wolfie with his math, taking Lexi for a few hours or picking her up from school and even sending groceries from Not to mention the help with trying to help finding Rob a new job, helping his fine tune his resume and getting him leads. Just know that Rob and I would do the same for all of you!! We love you all and APPRECIATE the help and prayers that have gone out for our family this last week.

Check this out......

My friend just started her own blog also!!! Her girls are all soooo cute and be sure to check back often for their fun adventures!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A cool heart story.......

My niece and nephew's band teacher's little boy had heart surgery. His name is Miles. I was looking at this cool website of a christian artist that I love to listen to and I came across this:

I can't find the song yet to buy but I bet it's a good one!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

13 years ago I married a fine young this day he's still a fine young so many ways....hey he puts up with me so he can't be all that bad.....LOVE YOU ROB!!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance

Rob took his little girl out on the town last night. Well to the Girl Scouts Dance. I think they had fun and went with Anna Grace and her daddy.

Hey Anna Grace let's go for a deer ride before the dance!

AG and her Daddy!!! AKA Pink Flip Flop Guy

Daisy Girl Scouts and Friends!

She's such a goof ball. I have no clue where she gets it from.......right after this
shot she almost knocked Rob over!! LOL

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My word cloud......

How cool is this? It's a company online that makes word clouds of your blog. It scans your blog and takes the most used words from your blog and makes a word cloud from it. You can get it printed on shirts. Check them out here:

Have fun and I can't wait to see your word cloud!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sweet Sweet Baby Girl

Here she is...Kendall Steffi Grace......Isn't she cute? It was hard to pry her out of my hands when it was time to go home......I got to help with her first bath. Actually Lexi helped more than I did and was totally into the baby thing. GET THAT IDEA OUT OF YOUR HEAD NOW!!!

Her First Bath!!!

Her first (of MANY) photos with the Starbucks Logo in the background!!!

WHAT are you doing to me? I was just dressed and asleep and then you put me in a tub of water?

Oh well this isn't so bad....

This isn't bad at all....keep the lavendar bath soaps coming!!

Should I keep going?

What a sweet girl!!! So cute and just the best baby! I can't wait to hold her again!!

She loved the warm water and could not get enough of it!!

I love this photo !

Lexi took these two photos of us. She keep posing us and we just keep smiling!!

Tam finally lost it and just busted out laughing ! JUST TAKE THE PHOTO LEX ~!

He's a MAD MAN!!!

Don't ever let your husband drink Mountain Dew at 9:00 PM!!

He will turn into a MAD MOUNTAIN DEW MAN!

You know you have seen this look in your own eyes before.....the eyes of a man with
too much dew in his system........