Saturday, April 29, 2006


Poor Lexi ! It's Allergy season and Lexi is just thrashed!!! She wants to SCRATCH her eyes out !! Of course Rob wants to scratch my eyes out for taking a blog photo at that moment!!! A good blogger will take photos at all cost's!! Just kidding lexi!! Hope you feel better soon honey!!!

Happy Birthday Chase-E-Boy

My Godson turned 14!!! He was just a wee one at our wedding!! My how the time does fly!! He's a really cool kid that's into music, motorcycles, welding and all the cool stuff!!! He's really turned into a fine young man!!! We went to Chili's last night to celebrate his birthday.

I think that ALL the waitresses came out to sing to him!! That was funny!!! It was loud and everyone in the whole place knew it was Chase's birthday!!

Chase and his buddies and Wolfie!! They headed down to Scandia after dinner to
ride the go-karts and play golf!!

Little Miss BK was there in her cutest pink outfit ever!!! She is really smiling and starting to talk!! She was a mama's girl last night and Aunt Steph only soothed for a little bit!!! This Aunt thing ROCKS!!!! She's a precious pumpkin and is really starting to grow and look all around her new world!! Tam says she's already got a pile of clothes that BK has outgrown!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Who's the BABY?

Okay it's time to guess who this is? I will be posting random photos of babies and you will have to try and guess who it is. Well they won't be random strangers but babies that we know.....just post in the comments with who your guess will get......nothing but some kudos and a pat on the back for the correct guess!! :-)

Turn of the TV Week

Are you up for the challenge? Let me tell you I love to watch TV. Not really any daytime TV but nighttime TV. I love watching the reality shows, 20/20, anything on HGTV and HBO. I don't mind my kids watching TV but after a while I just HATE to hear that big black box on. It serves it's purpose when I have some stuff to get done and the kids need to be entertained for a while. My kids would rather watch Animal Planet, Discovery Channel or anything having to do with animals, yeti's and creatures from the black lagoon then cartoons. I think that TV's gotten so much better with the kids programming that they can watch. My motto is everything in moderation and you will be fine. My kids are still snoozing and I taped this flyer on the TV this morning

Once they woke up I told them to get their clothes on and I would make them breakfast. They came out to turn the TV on and found this. I got some minimal scuff but not as much as I would of thought I would of gotten.

I did tell them that if by 7pm or so if chores and homework was done we could watch some family TV but not during the day. Plus I need to check up on my TIVO at night!!! I can't cut the cord all the way!! LOL

P.S.Update We have failed on a small level.....hahahahaha

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Moms Co-Pilot!!

Here's one of my best little buddies!!! He's been my co-pilot since he's been sick and out of school. Even though he's been sick I have gotten so much closer with him being with me all the time. He's still written out of school but will go in next week to take the STAR test's with his class. I will continue to homeschool him for several more weeks and I'm hoping he will get back to school the last few weeks of school. I think it's important to end the year with his friends!!

He's still having some post strep issues. As of about a week ago he got a fever one night. Also he's been having on and off joint pain along with rash's here and there. We are in the process of switching health insurance and will start over with all new docs for him. Of course that means more doc appts ! Hopefully they won't require all new blood work. His Kaiser doc told me the other day there are over 75 pages of lab work in their computer just on him alone!! His infectious disease doc said that when he went to talk about Wolfie's case with his peers the docs were wanting him to go on a preventive penicillian for a year to five years. He's got the choice of a shot in the butt once a month or 2 pills a day. He's opting for 2 pills a day!!

It's also touch and go because Wolfie wants to try out for the local AAU basketball team. His doc's told him that if HE'S up for it he can try it. Only Wolfie will kind of know his own limits. I'm leaving it up to him. His doc's tell me that he should not just sit and not do anything but use his body and get his stamina back. Hopefully with the weather getting better he can start swimming. We went to a PUMP IT UP party Friday night and he did great. I'm praying we are on the road back to being on our regular routine!!!

I appreciate all the prayers and good thoughts for Wolfie and our family!!! I think it's really working!!!


It's always a good night when it's BUNCO NIGHT!!!
We were missing lots of our peeps and it was SAD without you all there.

We only played 2 rounds last night. We didn't even get started till about 9:00 PM and just sat around and caught up and chatted. Us hens like to chat!!!

Does anyone want to take a guess who won the L,R,C game? MAN that game makes
me nervous! It's always fun to hear what pity party stories we can all come up with to
try and win the loot!!!

Blue Tape Only Means ONE thing!!!

If I'm hosting BUNCO at my house this summer there is so much to do around here to get ready!!! Trina inspired me to get painting!!! What colors am I using? It will have to be a surprise!!!

P.S. Yes Stac I do HATE TO USE THE BLUE TAPE but since my color is pretty intense I don't want to have to re-do it. :-)

Who's stalking who?

It's a good thing there is a glass window between these two !! Max the dog hates Chloe the cat. Chloe does not let Max get away with anything and it takes all the self control that Max has to not make a cat panini each day!
Can you see the hatred in Chloe's eyes for the dog?

Max says "Mommie I will try to be good but that cat is horrible to me. She swats at me and hisses and won't let me walk around my own house. I'm trying my best but I can't guarantee anything Mommie. I love a french cat sandwich every now and then"

My Little Homework Angel!!!

She just come homes, gets her homework out, sits in the sun at the kitchen window and does all her homework. All on her own ! Do you believe me? :-) She does get
it done but it takes a little prodding at times.

I loved her sitting in the sun in
these pictures!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Big Birthday WISHES are going out to our friend Alisa today!!!

Wolfie's best buddy Justin also!!!!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

It was lots of fun. You can go check out my flickr photos a peek of what we did.
Although not everything got on the camera!!! I really
need to get better about taking my camera with me

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Sweetie!!!

About 18 years ago I met this guy named Rob. When we went on our first date he had cowboy boots on. I was scared!! I have never known a guy that wore cowboy boots. Little did I know we would get married, have two kids and still be laughing 18 years later. Even though he's anal as all get out, pretty serious at times, makes the kids wear their jeans till they stand up in the corner by themselves, loves a homecooked meal every night, keeps his car so clean you could eat off the floorboards and keeps his socks organized in the drawer by color I love him so!!! Thanks for all you do honey!!! You ROCK!!!!

***Edited to add: The cowboy boots lasted about 2 weeks and then he wore his Diadora green and red tennis shoes. I think he even wore one red and one green once. At the time I was a total shoe, purse and clothes freak and could not imagine why he would do this!! The boy had a very strange shoe thing going on. Luckily I got him straightened out!! LOL I guess when your an art major you do things like that!! LOL

Rob ROCKS!!!

I got an e-mail from a gal named Denise ( who also has a son named Wolfgang. I told her I would post a photo of Rob's old VDub. It was a tribute to Eddie Van Halen's guitar. Rob sold it to a teenager when our Wolfie was about 1 year old. It just wasn't a great family car for car seats and space.....Rob does regreat selling it and so does Wolfie!!!

Funny thing is that Rob's sister went on a road trip to Yosemite last summer and they saw it there for sale.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What I love right now.....

My new I can copy, fax, print and scan!!! I'm so high tech!! LOL

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Need A Baby Fix ?

Just head over to my Flickr photos
and you to can get a fix of this sweet face. :-) My friend Tam's one lucky new mommy
to see this pretty face each day!!!

I will also be doing a R family update this weekend. I have not had enough coffee yet!!!