Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adoption Day

Our sweet GodDaughter (which is officially no official yet but hopefully one day it will be) Kendall had her official Adoption Day today in the courts. It was a very interesting process. I'm just posting this one sweet photo right now but will be back later tonight with the whole enchilada!!! Or how about the whole california roll ? Either way I will be back !

Trading Spaces

What a weekend we had around here. A few months ago Wolfie and Lexi decided they wanted to trade bedrooms. One of the downfalls about our lovely 1951 ranch style home is that it's really only got 2 bedrooms. There's also a very very small little den off the living room. That's been a bedroom and office over the last 12 years we have lived here. Wolfie's been in the big-monster bedroom for several years and decided he was ready to trade down. That was going to work out well for Lexi because she's got so many toys, Build A Bears, Art Supplies, Beanie Babies and so on...that she really needed the big room.

There were times over the weekend that I seriously just wanted to sit down and cry. There was so much stuff in both of their rooms (AKA CRAP) that is was physically and emotionally overwhelming. Stuff to keep, stuff to pack up for when they are grown adults, stuff to throw away.....seriously I was having nervous breakdowns during the day. When I was down and at the lowest point, Rob was there to chip in some man strength and help. When he was down....well I just went and took a nap.....LOL....sorry baby but my mind/body/spirit connection can only last for so many hours and then it gets stressed.....

So this last week we started the move. Of course in order to move Wolfie into the small room we had to get all of Lexi's stuff out and paint. I didn't think Wolfie wanted to sleep in a pink and green preppy room. So I finally got all the stuff out of there and last Thursday we went and picked out the paint. He went with a nice rich color green. The kids and I started to paint and patience was tested on my party. We got through it with minimul paint on our feet and bodies.

Rob's always the finish guy and came in Friday night to do the white baseboards and trim. He's a great finish guy. He secretly hates coming in after me cause he thinks it's more work than just taping off and doing the whole project himself. Oh well...sorry baby!!!! So by Saturday we were moving furniture in and getting Lexi's room set up also...

So this is some of the end result. I'm not quite done yet with Lexi's room and there are little touches here and there but you get the jist's of it. We threw out maybe 10 green garbage bags of junk and that's freeing in lots of ways.

Here's Wolfie green jungle room. We made a quick trip to IKEA for a duvet cover and some blinds for the window. He seems really happy with being in there. He's been sitting on the top bunk , reading and doing stuff and blasting his music.

Here's his Chameleon tank. It fit perfectly in this corner and on the TV stand that we got from a friend several years ago. We love to re-use things around the house and make them work. Well the truth be told , if we won the lottery, I would not re-use a single thing.....but since we have not won the lottery I re-use !!! :-)

Here's the other side of the room with his other reptile cages in there.

So we still have a ways to go, a twin bed to sell on Craigst list and some stuff to put away......but it's a great start for now......

Friday, July 27, 2007

Put Your Order In !!!!

Hey you all..........Tam and I are making a trip to the Alley's very very soon.....so if you want anything just give me an envelope with the cash, seal it and write your request's of what you
want on the front.......It's all about the bling bling baby !!!!!!

bugs yummy

Aunt Wendy brought some chocolate covered bugs to the kids last night.

Wolfie just up and thought he would eat one........no questions asked.......

Would you of ate one of these ? EWWWWWWW Check out the video and see the results.....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

how lexi rolls

this is how my girl lexi rolls in the summer....with a little help from her mama......

a cooking man

The process and the great smells it produces make everyone hungry and get everyone's mouth watering. And it gives men a chance to cook.
Bobby Flay

thanks rob for never minding to make dinner for us......you have a zest for cooking and I just want to publicaly say think you for never complaing and always eating the 3 starch meals that I sometimes cook......

Are any of these yours ?

Hey friends......are any of these places yours ? Did you leave them here ? Let me know and Rob will run them over.......We all know that I'm BAD about getting stuff back........


My friend Kim just got back from Italy. She took a little trip and WOW what snafu's happened to her.....the airline lost her luggage I was so stressed for her.......but it all worked out in the end.......she rocks hard cause she brought me back this awesome necklace from the island of Murano Island.

Here's a little info about the island:

Murano Island - A Glassmaker's Paradise Since 1291, this tiny Venetian island has been the home of Venice's glassmaking industry. Glass production was moved to Murano Island from the main part of Venice because its production posed quite a fire hazard. (Note: The buildings in Venice were constructed mostly of wood at this period in history and the extreme heat that is required to make glass liquid so as to mold and shape it obviously caused the Venetians some concern.)

It matched the top I wore to work today PERFECT!!!! Thanks for thinking of me in the midst of total and complete chaos while having to try and wear Italian clothing.......hahahaha

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Honey Bear

I have had this little honey bear in my kitchen for almost 12 years. I saw it in someones kitchen one time and I thought it was such a good idea.....Most of you know I like to switch things up around the house....but this little guy been's here for a long time......isn't he cute and helpful ?

Hello from Africa !

My friend at work just got back from Africa. This is a real sign that's she took a pic of !!! I asked her if I could post it cause I could not believe a sign posted like this!!! Party on Africa! Just be sure to lock your car doors and pack heat just in case..........

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Burney Falls...Been there and Done That!!!!

Sorry for the lag time getting all the photos up on Flickr or here....I took maybe 350 - 400 photos of the whole weekend...THANKS To Wally , our camp host and resident moocher, for charging my camera to get through the weekend!!!!

I got the first 1/2 day we were there up on Flickr so go and check it out......

Okay I have all the pics up from the weekend now on Flickr !!! Yeah!!! Still just click on the
above Flickr Link!!!! Thanks for taking the time to look at them all!!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Alaska Bald Eagle Festival

Hey A & A........We are SO THERE this year!!!!!!!

Can you just imagine 4 days of EAGLES ?????


Camping at Burney Falls ROCKS !

Just got home from 3 days at Burney Falls camping. It's a beautiful place and we went with some ROCKIN friends!!!! Thanks Chavez family for your no drama weekend!! It was a great time to unwind and relax and check out the EAGLES!!!! I don't have time to post all my
pics (WORK CALLS TODAY! ) but here 's some teaser shots and a short video for your
viewing pleasure!

Don't ever think for one second that you can't get everything you need here at the My-T-Fine-Foods!!!

Also just know that Lou can't follow the rules and YES my hubby is an animal !!!!

Umm hello people !!! Can you say EAGLE ? AMAZING!!!! We had fun tracking them down at Lake Britton ! I really needed my WANT-TO-HAVE-IT-SO-BAD Nikon camera to get some amazing shots....but for now this isn't too bad!!!!

We drove through Lassen National Park on the way home. It was beautiful and I can't wait to go back (once I have my new camera) and get some ROCKIN shots!!!!

There was also lots of water play and tom foolery going on at the Lake!!! Here's a small peek
into some of that action!!!!!

You Tube

Sometimes when I download a video to You Tube it takes several hours for the image to get embedded into the blog. So maybe try re-freshing your screen or just click on the You Tube video that's on thre and it should still play.

You can always head to Steph's You Tube and check the other videos out also!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adult Acne .......WTH ?

Adult acne (AKA Good Times)


Adult acne affects 25% of all adult men and 50% of adult women at some time in their adult lives. These are the official statistics, but I personally don't know many adults who have not had a zit or two in their adult lives. People can develop unpleasant acne or have an acne recurrence in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. It can be difficult to cope with no matter your age, and can cause depression and social anxiety in an adult the same way it can in a teen.

Causes of adult acne

Although the causes of adult acne are unknown, it is thought that adult acne may sometimes have hormonal roots. The appropriate adult pimple treatment may involve getting your hormones in check which requires a trip to your doctor.

Treatment of adult acne There are many adult acne products, however, in my experience, the overall best treatment for adult acne is identical to the best treatment for teen acne, benzoyl peroxide.

Not so uncommon

It is important to realize that adult acne is more common than people may think, and adult sufferers are not alone. If you are troubled by adult onset acne, promptly consult your doctor.

Okay so WHEW!!!!!!! I'm not alone in my adult acne issues. But seriously I'm 39 and still dealing with this ? I'm done with this. They can just go away. Especially the "underground" ones. You know exactly what I'm talking about don't you? If you bump them or hit them just right the tears start in your eyes and you have to lay down for a minute to control yourself.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to be buying Noxema at Wal Mart and it's not for your 12 year old but for you ? No matter how fancy you package the "zit cream" it's still zip creme.......no matter if you order it from Sephora or Acne.com !

Anyone else out there ? Come on and be honest.....I know I'm not all alone....am I ?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Your Own Pizza Night

Well here at our house tonight it was make your own pizza night. Rob stopped by the store on the way home for the fixins. (Thanks Hon !) The kids loved it and it's great to get them involved in the kitchen. Actually it's great to get myself involved in the kitchen because most of my RL (real life friends) know that I don't enjoy or really like taking the time to cook.

Here is Lexi going for it ! The girl loves pizza and had a great time putting her
masterpiece together!

Wofie with the cheese from his mouth to his pizza ! Got to love that !

Rob of course had the fanciest pizza out of all of us! Along with his Hangtime Chard......

Rob took a picture of me instead of the arms length photo......Some of you may wonder why my white "bra" straps are always out but they are undershirts I wear...so it's not bra straps hanging out....it's like the layered look.....LOL

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live blogging from my garage sale......

Okay so it's Saturday morning around 9AM and I just had to take the MacBook out with me.....The crowd has died down and I have a pocket of dollar bills. It really amazes me the questions that people ask while at a garage sale. They ask "How much are the clothes" Well first of all people it's a garage sale....so how much could the clothes possible be priced at ? It's not like it's the Nordstrom Rack people.....more like the A. Street Rack.......So get your handfull of clothes, bring them up to the table and we will figure something out.

Also 25¢ for a t-shirt is too much!!! That's the feedback I got. Well maybe they should head out to Old Navy and try to get a shirt on their clearance rack for a quarter.......think that will happen?

We have lots of fun stories from garage sales. Rob's mom used to have garage sales here at our house for her PEO group. One time a guy brought a DVD player back cause it didn't work. So Rob's mom's group had already cleared out and left for the day. This guy comes back and is yelling at Rob and I about it not working. We "tried" to let him know that it wasn't our garage sale and sorry. He ended up throwing it on the ground in front of my kids and yelling. Rob got in his face and I thought fist's were gonna fly. Rob forbid the guy from ever coming back and he never has.

It's also kinda funny when you tell someone "Yeah that's a 25¢" and even that's too much for them....they pull a nickel out of their pocket and hold it out to you.....Okay people a FREAKIN NICKLE ????? Then at that time I end up rasing the price to $1.00. I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!

So normally by the time the sale is over this is how I look......

Still smiling cause my pocket is full of money from peddling my stuff on the corner, a headache from getting up so early, water or soda....and I can't wait to get a nap in!!!!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!!!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thanks Tam......

Dinner last night was wonderful, shopping at Marshalls and Ross was relaxing and fun, but chatting with you over Osaka Sushi was the best.......Hope that sweet baby K was sleeping good when you got home and is feeling better!!!!

Can't wait for our trip to LA!!!!! Should be fun....lots of fun......

Be sure to bookmark.....

Our pool blog..............

SPF 10 for me and SPF 50 for the kids.....

Baby Zya

I went to a funeral today for a co-workers, Lora, sweet little baby girl Zya. She was born on June 11th and passed away this last Saturday. She had heart problems and when they let her go from the hospital no one knew.Lora was a loving mom and I had just seen Zya two days before she passed away when she brought her into work to show us all. She was a beautiful baby and is now at peace in Heaven.

Just say a prayer for Lora and her boyfriend Daniel and their family. That they find peace and comfort at this time......

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July ya all ! Hope you had a great one and REFUSED TO LIGHT THE FUSE! My little trip to Chinatown the other day paid off and little kids faces were happy as can be in the glow of the sparklers last night!!!

We just hung around the pool with some peeps and got some serious sun and chat time. Wolfie went out to the 4th of July EXTRAVAGANZA with a friend and had fun. Thanks Con-Dog for hooking Wolfie up with the ride wristbands and stuff!!! He had a blast! He said he saw you Matt...did you take your kiddos there ? How was your gig ?

We went over the SJ DEHNAM's for a BBQ and ended up playing the above board game. That was lots of fun even though Rob keep yelling all night "Howard Jones" as his answer for everything!!! Obviously girls rule and boys drool.........Ha !

The 4th of July fireworks were like none we have ever seen in our little town here. Some words come to mind: Amazing, Unreal, CAR, bright, lighting the new high school on fire, pretty, paid and sponsored by Uber, CAR, low to the ground, loud and TRUCK!!!!!!!

If you were on the Jone's lawn last night all this will make sense to you...if you were not on the lawn but there in previous years......this will still make sense to you...if you have never been on the Jone's lawn on the 4th of July....well then you just may think I'm insane in the brain....

Happy 4th!!!

I finally got my 4th of July photos uploaded....so go and check them out......

Monday, July 02, 2007

It was a beautiful day.....

I took the kids on an adventure today. Here's a teaser photo of part of our day.....It was a 10 hour jaunt to places far and unknown....well not that unknown......I will try and post the entire trip tomorrow.....I did send some pics to flickr....

Anyone want to guess where we went ?

Happy Birthday Greg !

Just click on the above box and get your birthday greeting!!!

Hope you have a great day and have an amazing year !


Rob, Steph, Wolfie and Lexi

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stuff on Our Cat

I found this bag of Doritos the other day at Wal Mart (GOT THEM YET SJ DENHEM?)
and they are a mystery flavor. They want you to guess the flavor. Everyone at my house
agrees on the flavor and what it's "supposed" to taste like. Have you tried them yet?
What do you think ? Chloe said the jury is still out for her.......

Sometimes Chloe likes to get into her sweatshirt and get warm at the cool Nor Cal nights are upon us. It also doubles when she's undercover and trying to get her some bird or mouse to eat for a midnight snack.

They don't even see her coming in her original Build A Bear camo hoodie !

This is Chloe just letting everyone know that she's got our backs and is living strong !
She encourages everone to exercise, eat right and get our yearly mammograms and rectal exams....I kid you not about this.......LIVESTRONG PEEPS !

Okay so we are losers.............


Wolfie's new baby !

Someone got a new friend today....thanks to Craigs List !!!!

Be sure to check out Wolfie's blog to see more pics of this un-named baby !

A girl can wish.....

to start her Sunday morning off in total silence, reading the paper, blogging, catching up on other blogs, and drinking her coffee. I can wish, hope and pray for a morning like that right?

What you don't hear and see is Lexi begging me to get up and make her pancakes, sitting off to my side watching me blog (ANNOYING) and Wolfie in the shower singing and thumping on the shower walls......CUT ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!!!!!

What I did come home to last night after being at TGIF's and watching Confessions of a Matchmaker (ON A&E TV) that Lori had TIVO'd......Rob had changed the bed sheets, put the duvet cover on and put clean pillowcases on......love you for that honey!!!! Thanks!!!!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!!


I went out for dinner and some conversation on Saturday night with Lori and Leah. Have you had the Wasabi Green Beans at TGI FRIDAYS ? I think that Sonja intorduced me to them and I seriously crave them and can't stop eating them.........YUMMY!!!! In fact I want some right now!!!!! Notice the RED BULL ? That was Lori's and she was super awake and I know that I lost lots of points last night cause I was super tired and was not on the top of my game. Sorry Lori!!! Don't hold it against me!!!!

Here's Leah and her Volcano drink. She had the coolest ring on and I might try and take it from her one day!!! She's super sweet and is married to Pete who is also a "SkyView Social Club" card carrying member!!!

Check out flickr for a pic of me and Leah....doing what I do best..........