Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why mommie why ?

It's all coming together.....

the whole latitude/longatude things is working out just great. especially on a saturday night spur of the moment. If you don't understand what this more of my blog and you will get it eventually.

Oh by the way....I said a BOOM CHICA ROCA CHICK ROCA CHICK A BOOM !!!!!
It's a great campfire song !!! In case you were looking for a new one !!!!

Chloe loves dressing up !

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Bella has moved right in. Right into my space on the bed. She made herself at home last night on my pillow. She's a funny looking little dog but sweet and cool !!!! She's like a baby at night. We put her in Lexi's bed with her, tuck them both in, and she stays there all night long. Then in the morning you go and get her and take her out to potty. She won't get down from the bed till you go in and get her. Just like a little baby !!!

We have been sure to give Lucy lots of love still. Bella and Lucy were playing last night out on the grass, running and playing and they were both exhausted when done. I will have to try and get it on film. Max never played with Lucy like that so it took Lucy a few tries to get it right !!
Hope you all have a great Thursay !!! I watched my Private Practice on TIVO last night. I love that show. Really cute !! Was the Bachelor on this week or did "someone" accidently delete it ?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I had Monday off work (due to working on Sunday) and it was nice to be able to leave Rob at home, working on the yard and the pool ,and have some fun. Of course little Bella Blu was at home with Rob to keep him company !

I met Tam and Kendall at the Grad in Davis for lunch. Kendall was super funny and loves to just laugh back at me when I say something to her. We tried to go shopping and for the most part she's was really good. Till she saw the Gummy Bear display. Then all heck broke loose ! LOL Not really but it was fun to just say. She's a whirling dervish of motion and I love this pic of her below because that's what it's like to try and capture a one year old.

After school the "L" family stopped by to pick up Con and got to meet Bella. Run over to their blog and check out what's happening in their crib.

The rest of the day was a blur with a little bit of spooky Halloween shopping, laundry, blogging, cleaning, basketball try outs, grocery shopping, homework, more laundry and getting sucked into watching the HILLS. Okay thanks Vicki. Seriously I can't even do anything else while watching this show. I was standing in front of my tv, in the bedroom, last night and was paralyzed for fear I would miss something. Could it be my fascination of LA and this show takes place right in the center of my obsession ? Maybe.....but come on what's going on with Lauren and Brody ? They just need to get together already......

Okay it's Tuesday now and back to work...........

Monday, October 22, 2007

such big ears......

for a little girl......still so sweet !!!!!


Also the going out date won't neccessarily be on 12-21...but around ready for some fun !!!

p.s. to the kids that read my blog....and my own kids....we will do someting for my 40th birthday that does involve you little sweet, loving, angelic angels.....but you have got to understand that when someone turns 40....well it's a big thing...and well it normally involves an adult not to worry....we will go to Chevy's or something for dinner and you can sing to me with that funny hat on!!!!!

She's a Lumberjack !!

My sister went to homecoming at few weeks ago to visit Jordan, my niece. She invited Wolfie to go along. It was just one night but Jordan was happy to see everyone!!!! I think she's having fun being in the marching band and being a lumberjack. She looks like she's in the spirit !!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


look at this little face. how could you not love this little face ?

this sums it up.....

Went to Halloween Bunco last night. I have to say that without my peeps (and God and the family of course) I would be nothing !!! My peeps are so funny !!! We laugh so hard that we cry and some other bodily functions. Especially after Trina ate a "Harry Potter" jelly bean that tasted like bo ( body odor). The laughter, sounds and tears that came out of Kims face and mouth were priceless. OMG it was funny ! how can you not feel happy and laugh when your around all that ?

Peeps !!! They ROCK!!!!

Check out all the rockin PEEPS at Flickr

Friday, October 19, 2007


A funny little dog we have named BEBE Bella Blu. She came from horrible conditions and could hardly believe her luck to be sleeping in a kids bed for the whole night. She felt so lucky that she just stayed there the whole night with no accidents. She's pretty mellow, good with the kids, good with Lucy and does want to get at the cats a bit. BUT heck what dog does not want to. Lucy seems kinda like in WTH ? mode but has not snapped or growled at her once. Well except when BB was going to come and eat her food.

I'm not really sure what sort of dog she is. Maybe a mix of Jack Russell and Border Collie ? Anyone have any ideas ? She's kinda of funny looking little dog !!! She kind of reminds me of the Target Dog a little bit. I' m sure that Rob loves having a reminder of Target in the house !

I put more pic's of funny doggie on Flickr....

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I set my alarm for 1/2 hour before I really need to take a shower, pour myself a cup of coffee, get back in bed, with my laptop and wake up. One entire wall in our bedroom is a sliding glass door and this is what I woke up to the other morning. It looks much more detailed in person but the light pinks were just beautiful !

Saturday, October 13, 2007

pure yum

Happy Birthday Jake !!!!

Our friend Jake is turning 8 today ! Happy Birthday Jake !
Lexi can't make it to his party so we invited him along with us to the Kings
game this last week. Lexi and Jake have been friends since they were still in the tummy !

Hope you have a great birthday day today Jake !
The sun is shining, no rain today so I think you will have a great one !!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kings Game.......

We went to the Kings VS Seattle game last night. The kids each took a friend and it was lots of fun! Lexi loves Slamson so it was the highlight of her night that we found him !

Jake and Lexi and Slamson !

After the game the kids went down and each took a shot on the court.
It's no illusion folks, Con really is that much taller !!! LOL

Okay so this is after the game at the players exit. Yeah I hooked the kids up for a little basketball player eye candy. You can't be afraid to do a little player stalking. We were totally cool and chill and except for this photo right before we left did not look like insane fans ! I will have to ask Jake again the names of the players we saw. Mike Bibby and Brad Miller must of gone out another way cause they knew we were waiting for them !!!

Thanks Kim for hooking us up and thanks kids for being so good last night !

Saturday, October 06, 2007

biggest maze in the whole world

we took the kids out to the biggest corn maze in the whole world. they took about an hour or so and had fun. here's some of the memories of the evening.

children of the corn

getting ready for the maze challenge
can the dads lead them through without a lost child ? Or without the help of the map ?

Our little motley crew !

On one of the bridges !
chicks gone wild.....what's justin thinking ?

bobo about to throw himself off the top of a bridge......

us moms know where to hang out while the group does the maze !

what's wrong with this picture ? Any guesses ? rob took this of us in the teepee

silly kids after the maze !

saturday afternoon with bk

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Sonja !

It's my friend Sonja's birthday !!!! I met her working at my current job and she's a riot !! So funny and always has a smile on her face !!!! She's now working in a very serious (social work) job enviroment now and I hope that she finds lots of smiles and laughs today on her special day..even in a serious place ! Happy Birthday BABY!!! Hope you have a great day !!!

crop it and twerk it

If a professional photographer says they don't do anything to process their photos after taking them...they are lying ! Yes, it's true that taking a photo is up to the opinion and know how of who's behind the lens but the wonderful photos you see in magazines and on TV are all touched up. The sky is bluer (Is that how you spell blue-er ?) not because the person lives in Kansas but because of the magic of Photoshop!

Trina took these pics of me yesterday. Yesm there might of been a bit of drooling and kissing of false gods. My girls Nikons!!! In all honesty I am NOT jealous but happy for them. I just want one of my own ! So here is the BEFORE version:

Here is the AFTER version:

So just a simple cropping, adjusting the saturation, sharpness, exposure and brightness can do lots for a photo. Of course this part of the process is also in the eyes of the beholder and the person adjusting the controls. I tend to like my photos a bit over processed and like to have fun with them. That's the beauty of photography ! It really is an art form !

My iPHOTO program in my MacBook has simple, easy to use settings to do this. I also have PhotoShop Elements which is a beginners version to the "big mother of all photo programs" PhotoShop. It's got lots of cool stuff and I'm still learning. I think you can purchase Elements for around $80 and it's a good starting point if your computer does not have this adjusting ability.

No Nikons D80's were harmed in the taking of this photo also.
They were lovingly handed back to their owners !