Monday, June 26, 2006

A Daisy to a Brownie......

Tonight we had our bridge ceramony for the girl scouts. Yes it was 100 degrees out but the wind came out later and it started to cool down. They all turned from a Daisy Girl Scout to a BROWNIE!!!! See our friend Taylor in the background? It's been a fun year and they all did so great!!! BIG Thanks to Miss Nancy who was a HUGE wonderful help with all this last year and Daisy's!!!! We will miss Sophie and Clara when they move to Japan this upcoming fall.

Chris made the wonderful cake and I hope that her ankle isn't broken and she can
continue to have a great summer!!!! The park is cursed.....several years back I was
bouncing in a bounce house with SJ Denim and POP went my knee.....I was on crutches the next day......I try and stay out of bounce houses and trampolines now!!!

Lexi, Bell and Anna all painting their Daisy picture!!

These girls are not used to smiling for the camera are they? :-)

Here's my sweet girl walking the bridge to brownies!!! She looks so proud!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Farewell for a little bit party.......

Our good friends the Wilsons are moving up to God's Country as our friend Tom Jones said last night. No really his name is Tom Jones...... We will miss them ! You might remember the almost still like newlywed Wilson couple from our Jan Flickr cruise Photos

I think I met Jo in 1996 when me and another gal in town started the moms club. Her oldest Christian was about 2 years he's going into 7th grade and getting so tall !!! She's got the cutest little ones now Josh and Timmy. Full of fun with a glint of mischievousness in their eyes.....We all had the best time last night even though some peeps were on the MIA list. You know who you are........

Here's Timmy in the life jacket. He's a spitting image of his Daddy. Then their buddy Connor and Josh in the background.

Here's Jo and Lis....friends for a long long time!!!! I will be walking the Relay for Life on Lis's team this weekend. I picked a nighttime shift to walk so I don't get heat stroke. It was 104 degrees here in Nor Cal yesterday!! YIKES

You can't really tell that great in the picture but Mahlon's eyes were about to pop out of his face. He had been swimming all day and then came to Julies and swam for a couple more hours. I'm surprised he could see out of them peepers!!!

Oh the hot tub. Lots of deals were made in here last night. LOL :-) This is the hit of Julie's house......Lexi ask's me "Why didn't we get a hot tub" Ummm cause we ran out of pool money ????? LOL Even though it was burning out last night they still love to just sit in there and chat!!! What a AWESOME group of kiddos. Amazing how long they have all known each other.

We will miss you Wilson Family!!! Especially your devilish eggs!!! We like them on the plate please!!! LOL Just remember your only an e-mail away, a phone call away, a text edit away and if Jo really wants her fills done right....she will come "home" and get them done!!! Love you JO!!!

Party on KIDDOS

Summer is here and the house is thrashed. This is what I woke up to today. Of course I'm not showing photos of swim suits, towels and clothes all over the place. Both kids took a late afternoon nap on Thursday so of course they could not fall asleep anytime early on Thursday night. Of course the two energy drinks I had at the swim party didn't help me either. Did I get any laundry done last night? NO I read my magazines while the kids watched Star Wars. I had a cold glass of milk and my cashews. So I didn't help the mess either.......

WOW!!! I think Wolfie was up pretty late watching TV. Thank goodness for Charter Parental Controls and for TIVO for pre-recorded shows!!! Can you imagine him at 18 doing this? I think he won't fit on the couch!!!

Here's my little angel. Loose front teeth and all. I don't think she moved one inch last night from this position!!! Please send good thoughts that her tooth comes out today. She's really torn up about it. Hopefully Trina can pull it out for me. The bean loves loose teeth!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Mountain Bike Race.....

I took Wolfie and two friends to his first mountain bike race. It was super hot and we got there about 1 1/2 hours early. Oh well. They got to ride the course several times and get a feel for it. They did REALLY great. Con came in 10th place and both Justin and Wolfie got PARTICIPANT ribbons. There was about 25-30 boys in their race and it was about a mile long. Wolfie's chain came off right as they were ready to start the race and they held the race for him and someone helped fix it. I thought that was really cool. It was a very family friendly type of place and everyone was very helpful!!! I thought they would of been really tired......I made them swim to freshen up and then watched "So You Think You Can Dance" and now it's 11 PM and they are still awake. YES Justin is still awake...... I'm waiting for them to put a movie on so I can retire to my bedroom......they are really such good kids and I'm really proud of the way they can handle themselves........this is a fun age and it's really cool to take them places like this.

There are lots more MBR photos here

P.S. Justin just said as I'm trying to post this "Okay guys I'm going to
bed now....goodnight" LOL

Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's Your Day DADDY!!!!

Hope all the Dad's had a super day today!!! We had a BBQ and most all of Rob's family came over. ALL the nephews and one niece were there and they had a blast swimming!!! Things did get a little INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE but they were all really good....except for the one ball know who you are!!! LOL

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday Night Book Club?

Okay did anyone watch this show? My friend Tam told me about it and said thought it was something I would what's the scoop peeps? I have it TIVO'd for next time. They are saying it's real women.......??????????? I love reality TV so I'm hoping this one is good. There are no good shows on right now

Yee Haw Cowgirl......

Miss Kendall loves to dress up like a cowgirl!!!

She's getting so big!!! She got 3 shots today and was a little bit fussy when she was awake!!! Poor little thing!!! She looked so cute with her new cowboy boots on !!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yeah Boi.......

I just checked the jury web site and was able to get out of my jury duty for a very soon upcoming date.....can I hear an AMEN?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm ready for my close up.......

Since my hubby does not really read this blog....unless I send him a link and he reads the blurb o the day......we did something really fun for Fathers Day coming up!!! Here's a sneak peak.....

You can check out my Flickr photos for more fun from today.........

Little Manhattan

We watched the cutest movie last night. Very sweet movie about a boys first love. Rob even stayed up late to watch it with us.....check it out!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Swimmers Ear......

I took Wolfie to the Doc yesterday and he said that he's got swimmers ear. He said that it REALLY hurts so when he says it hurts to believe him. He gave us some ear drops and said to take OTC pain reliever. I think it's better tonight and the drops really hurt. Yeah he's on the mend.......

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Clean Up Aisle 2

The tummy bug has been going around our house. It started Friday night with Lexi. We were up ALL night. Poor baby....she was a champion about it all. Then Sunday night Wolfie and I hit the skids. It's a good thing that Rob didn't get it cause you always need a clean up man. Bless his heart. It's times like this when you realize how much you appreciate the man you married. We are on the mend but Wolfie's still a little out. His ear hurts so he's got a doc appt this morning. Poor guy. He's worried that the strep is back and he's going to get really sick again.....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Whoo Hoooo Schools Out!!!

Schools out for 8 weeks!! Yeah baby!!! We had a pizza party at the park after school and let the kiddos run out of steam. Really weird weather also today. Muggy and hot.

Wolfie and his buddies practicing for a big night of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit

Lexi at her water field day at school today. They got to wear their suits and play with water, bubbles and chalk. They all had lots of fun!!!

Here's Lexi and her peeps singing the Jalapeno song!!!

Eggs Please.......

Seems like kids this age are learning to make scrambled I taught Wolfie how to make them the other night. His friend Justin inspired him and he did great.......

The final product!!! YUMM!! I will have some eggs and a dose of penicillian to ward off strep!! LOL


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