Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year Peeps!!!

Hope everyone has a super New Years!!! We are going to pizza dinner with my sister and her family. I'm always in the mood for a pizza and salad!!! It's Lexi's favorite food so we should get through meal seamlesly!!!

I went for a Mystic Tan today with two friends. It was hilarious. I think I'm turning golden bronze right in front of my eyes......

Happy New Year to everyone!!! Hope 2006 is one of the best!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Our Holiday Season......

We had such a nice Holiday season. Except for some flu and colds and coughs that won't go away it was super. Christmas Eve was spent at my sisters house with the biggest bowl-o-mashed potatoes ever!!! She knows how much I love them and made them all big and stuff for me!!! Even the campfire sweet potatoes turned out completely yummy!!! We opened gifts, birthday gifts and pool towels. I think the pool towels were a big effort to suck up for the upcoming summer swim season....but who knows? :-)

We went to the 7pm church service which was very nice. I love the old traditional church hymns at Christmas but due to my cough I could not really belt it out. My niece Jordan took that over for me and did a great job. Lexi fell asleep for a little bit as expected in a dark, warm church. We went back to my sisters and had dessert. YUMMY!!!!

Then it was back to our house to get ready for Santa. We got the cookies and milk ready with a note for Santa. The kids sprinkled reindeer food out on the front lawn. Then they got in the jammies and tried to sleep. It took a while for the lids to finally fall but they finally did.

We awoke about 8am on Christmas morning to find that Santa really did come. He brought Lexi the Cold Nose Puppy she asked for and Wolfie the air soft bb guns he wanted, complete with safety goggles. Rob got a new toy for the PS2 and was obsessed from the get go. Our Christmas morning was nice and I'm happy to report my kids did NOT get spoiled one bit this Christmas...Believe me? :-0

We then headed over to Rob's family and were a bit late. Everyone was chomping at the bit. First was had the traditional family breakfast over there. Eggs, bacon, little sausages and sweet rolls. Of course washed down with a coke because it was now 11AM!!! It was a very nice Christmas over there and Wolfie got to play Santa this year and hand out the gifts to everyone. I did a very bad job and didn't even get my camera out.

We then headed home for naps and to rest up. We went back for a dinner that was out of this world. I am really not a foo-foo eater. Give me the good old turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy with some nice soft rolls. Rob's mom is always predictable and I can't count on this meal every Christmas. Although don't think I ran far away from the Tomato Aspic salad she made. Imagine a tomato jello....ewwwwwww.

We also did some fun things this holiday. Rob had some time off and so did I. We went to Kids Gone Wild and let the kids run their energy out, went to see the chronicles of Narnia, spent the day in Berkeley, cleaned both kids rooms (how's that fun?) and freecycled some stuff away to make room in the garage....yeah!!!!

I hope you all had a great holiday season!!! Check out all my photos at the Flickr link below. If you view as a slideshow you WON'T be able to ready what the photo's are all click on the first photo which should be the giant mashed pile....then over to the right hand side there is a place to click on NEXT to view the next photo of Wolfie on a bean bag....then you can just click next and read all the captions......Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Love to you all!!!!!

P.S. I did NOT get to see Brokeback Mountain yet.......So peeps....get ready
to see it soon with ME!!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This is not pretty..........

WARNING: This is not a pretty post....I'm not going to even pretend it is......

I got in a fight today. It was with the ottoman to my chair.....words were flying out of my mouth......tears were close to falling and most words were flying.......this is the end result....

So much for cute shoes on the cruise!!!!! I'm a real blogger now that I'm able to share that hideous photo for the whole
world and my friends to see!!! Enjoy friends!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Eve Eve

I'm sure I must of worried some of you with my last desperate post. Let me re-assure you that I'm fine. Rob's fine now that he went to the Doctor last night and got some "Purple Juice of Jesus" to help him sleep through this cough now. He's also on an inhalor and zithromax. He's on the road to recovery. Lexi and I are still coughing but getting better. The house is still a mess but I have learned to live in squallor for now.

I'm pretty ready for Christmas. A few last minute items tonight and I'm done. I'm ready to sit back and just enjoy. I'm taking the kids to see Cheaper by the Dozen II this morning and a nutritious lunch at Burger King. The King rocks and so do the Furby Toys they have there!!!

I have lots of post and little time to post....maybe late tonight check back for another update with photos and everything!!!

Hope your holiday's are bright!!!

Timely Information!!!

I thought that some of my vacation peeps would like to know this information......

It's always good to know if your getting on a vessel that's infected germs and sickness !

My new shoe obsession.....

Most of you know that I hate SOCKS!!! I think I own maybe one pair. If I ever need a pair for my one pair of tennis shoes I take a pair of Rob's. I love shoes that you don't have to wear socks with and just slip on. Yes I know I run the risk of daily having stinky feet but it's a chance I take. I'm totally into comfort.

These are the new shoes I'm thinking/dreaming about.

Yeah they look a little wierd.....but I got a pair of the "fake" ones from Wal Mart and LOVE now I'm going to get a real pair. People SWEAR by them. One person gave a testimonial that they went to the Magic Kingdom for a week and that's all they wore and never had one shoe issue. That's all it takes for me to run and buy them!!!

I really want both these styles. Very comfy!!!

I think I will use my birthday money from my hubby to get them!!! Thanks BABY!!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Is it over yet?

My e-mail is all messed up, I have a bad cough, Rob's sick....and the kids are making a's raining and windy.....We have hardly any food in the house....unless you count candy from the homework jar. It's time for SUPERMOM to take some cold meds and carry on!!!! Oh yeah and there is more laundry around my house right now than I can get through today. A good reason to not have more kids is the amount of laundry even one more little person would bring with them. Plus all the little socks.......okay so I'm not meaning to vent....just happened....

if you get this e-mail message on Sunday morning before about noon....can you send me an e=mail so I can see if my e-mail settings are working yet? I'm trying to fix it myself....put one more hat on me......Geek Squad Supervisor. I add the word supervisor cause it makes me feel better....Like I can boss someone around.....LOL

Friday, December 16, 2005

My Daisy Girl.....

After the bowling party Lex and I went to our Daisy meeting. The girls are so sweet and had a blast!!! Thanks to my co-leader for hosting and taking the lead on this one!!!

Here's what her Daisy Apron will look like once the year is over!!!

Birthday Bowling Party !!!

Went to a bowling birthday party last night. It was a brother birthday party for my 2 little friends who are turning 3 & 5. It was fun!!!
The kids love bowling and we really should do it more.

Do you love this artsy photo? I constantly amazing myself!! LOL

Lexi's thinking "I can't believe they didn't turn the disco lights on for me"

Wolfie's thinking "Why didn't I turn the bumpers on? I had to be a big shot" LOL

Lexi got a strike and loves telling you she got an X on the scoreboard!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa came early......

Santa came to our friends house last weekend. It was lots of fun and friends were everywhere!!! Thanks to Julie & Jun for hosting such a blow out holiday party!!!

Here's Wolfie getting his gift from Santa.......I think he's asking for a
blue tongue skink, xBox 360, snake and a plasma tv!!!

Here's little Lexi getting her gift. Look at Josh's hand on her leg.....It's like he's just looking
in awe that she's up there with the big man.......

Even Santa's helper ELF got to sit on Santa's lap and get a gift!!!
Not sure why she's so embarassed???????

Partners in Crime!!! 5th Grade Style!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Makes me want to watch my kids better.......

I love this sign!!! I got it this morning from my sister........

My son the Iroquois

Wolfie dressed up and did a fashion show at school with his buddy TJ and they were Iroquois . Wolfie's Dad and TJ's Mom helped with the outfits.

Here is my son acting out some scenes from daily life.

Hope those berries are not poisonous son!!!

Let's go BAND!!!!

Here's the son at his winter concert last night. They all did great and seemed to have a great time. Especially Justin when it came time to sing the song!!! What a ham!!!

The sax's got to stand up and do a group solo!!! GO SAX BOYS!!!!

TJ came for moral support!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fun with Horses!!!

We got invited to our friends home on Saturday. They live in the country and train horses. The kids got to ride the horses and the ATV. I didn't get pic's but Wolfie got to ride all over their place and was giving the 3 younger ones rides all together on the ATV. They had a great time and would love to live at a place like this!!!

Let's move to the country!!!

See the little cowboy in the middle of the round arena?

What a pretty pony Wolfie is riding on!!!

Lexi was in pony heaven!!!
She's always wanted ponies to come and live with her at our house.

Even more fun with horses & friends!!!

My kids want to pack their suitcases up and move away to this little piece of heaven.
They could run and play all day, look for lizards and have fun 24/7.

Wolfie and his little buddy playing in the arena!!!

Wolfie and his little buddy walking up the path to the house to get a bandaid
Wolfie getting a quad ride. He's probably thinking "Um I already know how to
drive this so set me free" LOL
Go Wolfie go!!! He loved riding and was funny with his basketball shoes and
Nike sweatshirt on riding!!! What a cowboy!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Image of the Day!!!

Max & Sam

Lex got to take the dogs from her K class home this weekend.
They have been having lots of fun with Lex.

I think our dogs are pretty jealous of Max & Sam!!! They don't even want to look at them!!

Binky Girl!!!

Lexi was a little binky addict when she was a baby. She would gather them all together before she want to sleep and sleep with all of them. I used to find her like this with them all close to her!!! She gave them all up to the Binky Fairy when she was about 23 months or so. Actually maybe I cut the tips off them and told her they were broke. Motherhood has made my memory mushy now. We would find them all over the house for months to come after that. :-)

My Self Portrait.......

I can't wait till my next hair appt!!!! LOL

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!!!

It's my sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday SISTER!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a good least your birthday falls on a FRIDAY!!!!!

P.S. The above photo is not my sister........ nor does it represent my sister....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Date With Drew!!!

I just saw this movie tonight....a very sweet movie of an
aspiring movie producer!! You can watch it with the kids
in the room and not worry about anything. Very cute and the guy is
charming and so real and funny!!!

Check out the website and the part
"What's this all about"

Let me know if you see it!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Who can it be?

Scanned Photos Monday!!!

This is sweet to me!!! Love the kids in it!!!

This is my first babysitter that lived next door to us. I remember baking cookies with her and her son. She also had some "secret" stairs in the back of the house and we
would play hide and seek all the time. I was four in the photo.

AWWWW My sis and me!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Are U A Star Trek fan?

This was taken in Las Vegas in 2000 ! Do you like my serious face?

Nothing like a boy scout......

Rob's got some serious MacGyver blood in his veins. He can whip most anything up and make it work!!! This was from his early boy scouting days when he was out camping!!!

Steph's Early Camping.....

The photo on top is me at Folsom Lake. Even from an early age I was pampered and keep in style!!!

This one of me and my dad is at an overnight camping place. I HATED it, didn't want any dirt on me and wanted to GO HOME!!! From then on we only stayed at hotels. I don't think my mom liked camping either!! :-)

E.T. Phone Home.....

Anyone want to guess who the little ET fan is?