Friday, August 31, 2007

help a girl out.......

My friend Lorraine just went back to work outside the home. I'm not going to say what industry she's in, but let's just say for the majority of her day it might not be the most thrilling and exciting ( totally assuming and "generalizing" Lorraine set us straight) work to be in so she's going to need all the bloggers out there to really step up their game. Including me!! Reading blogs can be an addiction. You get up in the morning (or sit down at your desk) and normally have your coffee and check your e-mail and read a few blogs. I will admit when someone hasn't updated their blog in a while it's a bit of a let down. (Debbie L....that pheasant's been dead for a at least put a new pic up....LOL ) So let's all commit to blog....for Lorraine's sake..... :-)

Now let's talk about comments. Sometimes us bloggers take lots of time to think about blog posts, take certain photos, set up certain photos scenes, and lay in bed at night going over writing paragraphs in your head....when people comment it makes us happy. It's a bit of validation. Not that I need validation....but you know what I mean......I for one need to get better about comments......on flickr also........the flickr community loves comments and lots of friends are made there....I , for one, am going to really try and comment more.....cause what goes around comes around!!!!

So people let's start blogging.....commenting....and enjoying your Friday!!!!

silly cat

chloe gets busted snuggling with the weiner dog at nap time......

Hallo Kitty LOVES Chloe !!!!!

but does Chloe love Hello Kitty ?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SJ DENHAM!!!!!!!

It's SJ's Birthday today folks!!!!! So leave a comment here and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!! Party on Wayne !!!!!!!

Party on SJ DENHAM !!!!!!

I have to say that out of all my friends she is ALWAYS willing to sing a song, do a funky dance or be crazy right there on the matter who's you can tell from the pics below!!!!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAC!!!! Your the coolest, prettiest chick ever in the history of chicks
and I would go to the end of the world to find John Merrick's elephant bones for you!!!

(inside joke people come on.....reference to a song by the BNL..)

BUT it's true.....I would.......Have a great day today!!!!!!

Moving Day !

My niece Jordan went away to college....can't belive the time just flies like that!!!! So far she seems okay and not too homesick. Her friend Shaun is going to visit her this weekend!! He told he he's gonna drive 900 miles the whole weekend but she's worth it!!! Awwwwww !!!!! It's nice to have friends like that!!! He said he would take pics and send them to me when he gets back!! Dont' forget Shaun!!!

Jordan got a web cam before she left and we can IM each other and she gave me a really cool tour of the dorm last week. Now we just need to add the sound to the IM's....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Thanks Wendy!!!!

Wendy came up this weekend to help with the birthday surprise party !!! She really ROCKS when it came to all the decor and all the little details that I would never of even thought of !!! She even managed to take an early morning dip Saturday morning with the kiddos!!!! It was still early by most people's standards but she got right in and played with the kiddos!!!


Come to Mama!!!

Being the nice mom I am........I switched phones and sim cards with my son......He keep complaining about how horrible his cell phone was. Yes, I know that several of my readers are thinking right now in their heads "Well for being 12 years old he's just lucky to have one" but in all honestly is was a piece of poop. After I traded him phones I got to witness first hand the wonder of the poop.

Even people I talked to could hardly hear me and the phone just didn't work right. Also when I deleted a voicemail and pressed 7 like instructed it would speed dial one of Lexi's friends moms. I would hang up and I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy for crank calling her all the time. It's hard to dial or text cause the buttons are so small. It's no secret that I have space men thumbs and Shrek like fingers so it make it really really hard to dial and text. You know I love to text like a 14 year old girl !! hahahaha

So I bid on E-Bay for a Palm's on it's way right now.....I'm super super excited and it came with all the extras and I can't wait to SYNC!!!!! Call me dorky but I love toys......So the best way to get ahold of me the next few days is my land line (HAHA who even has a land line anymore ?) or my e-mail at work or home. Talk to you soon....Palm Treo style!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby !!!!

We got him good !!!! I planned and surprise party for Rob's 40th Birthday and really did get him!!! He had NO CLUE about the party!!! There was lots of "tom-foolery" (Yes I love that phrase and NO it's got nothing to do with Hollister Boy LOL) going on behind the pre-party scenes in order to get him out of the house. Joe thanks for totally lying to your friend in order to pull it off!!! You rock!!!

Here he is coming in after playing several hours of golf!!!

Here he is out by the pool, chillin like a 40 year old, with his friend Chris. He went to high school with Chris and was really touched that him and his wife Laura came. With their precious 16 day old baby, Cara, also with them!!! I didn't hear her make a peep all night!!

I have lots more photos of the evening and even from his birthday day. I'm waiting for more photos from Alfredo. He was sooo nice to bring (maybe even flaunt his Olympus over my little Kodak Easy Share ! hahaha) camera Saturday night and take a ton of photos. Thanks Al for doing that!!! Can't wait to see them!! (Waiting patiently to C&T them (Crop and Tweek)

Happy Birthday Rob !!! I must say for 40 you look great and even though you are the
same weight you were in high school I still love you !!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

For My Then & Now Fans.....

Wolfie going into 5th Grade & Lexi going into Kindergarten

Lexi going into 1st grade and Wolfie going into 6th grade.

Here's Wolfie going into 7th grade and Lexi starting 2nd grade.

How they do change year to year....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remember these numbers....2 & 7

It was the first day of school this week. Can you believe that I could not find my camera on the first day of school ? What the heck people ? So I just stole these from the BEAN'S Flickr account.

Here's Lexi at her Second Grade desk. Josh is there checking out the scene.

Here's Lexi in line and waiting for her teacher. The sun was really bright and she didn't want to smile for Trina...but she did cause she's a professional !!! :-)

Lexi and Jake in the same class again for the second year !! Yeah!!!! Lexi thinks the world of Jake!!!! They have been friends since they were born !!!

Here's the big boys crossing the street on their way home from 7th grade......BOI'S !!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

25 years.......

We had a great SURPRISE party this weekend for my sister and B.I.L. It was lots of fun and the turnout was great. They are still cute and having fun together!!! I'm still working on the slide show and will put it on my YouTube when it's done...

Happy Anniversary Marshmallow and Chicken Thrower!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

party on a friday night.....

yes that's a fake gun Justin is holding.....that's how we roll around here...great group of kids....starting junior high this next week......that's for coming over guys and being a constant source of laughter for us !!! Good times for sure!!!!!

Here's the girlie girls.....asking to paint their nails at 10:30 PM at night!!!!
While watching Bratx Sleep Over DVD!!! ROCK ON GIRLS!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Calling Out....

Oh Vicki.....WHERE ARE YOU ?

You got a new camera, went to the beach and have not posted yet.......


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Lexi loves the dogs. She really loves all dogs but loves her Max and Lucy. She has always loved to walk and take care of Max and Lucy. There are always leashes sitting around from where she's done a bit of training and helping them with their manners. Even though Max can be a hog dog at times she's always been his champion. She will say to me "Mama even though Max farts and burps and comes in the house soaking wet, do you still love him ?"

I love this picture of the two of them above. It looks like Max is checking out who's walking down the sidewalk and thining what he may have to do about it.

She feeds them every day and even from a young toddler would brush them, love them and be with them. I remember one day she took her paint brushes out on the pation, got a little cup of water and was painting on Max. He let her. He loves the attention and has been a good dog to my kids. I'm hoping that someday Lexi can put her dog talents to use and do what she loves.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rollin in L.A.

We had a BLAST and fit in way to much stuff in 36 hours than most humans can!!! I will post all these pictures on my Flickr account so you can see them in more detail........cause you know you want to.......hahahaha .......I know that my 8 readers want to see them !!! :-)

You can always check out my other You Tube Videos while waiting for my Flickr stuff.....

Happy Birthday Baby !!!!!

It's my girl Tam's birthday today!!!! Be sure to send her a message or leave a comment sending her birthday wishes!!!

I met Tam in Davis right around June of 1987 and I was 19 years old. We were both working at Clothestime and she was my boss. We had a blast working there and became fast friends. We have had some rockin rock star times and always laugh till we cry when we get together. In fact in L.A. this weekend we were laughing so hard and crying, in the nail salon, when we were getting pedi's that they people thought we were drunk. We had to "sober" up really quick to as not get kicked out 1/2 way though the heaven that was being done to our feet and legs. I was also laughing so hard while trying to drive on the L.A. Freeways that the tears were blocking my sight and I thought I would crash. I had to not talk to her for a while so as to get us to our destination safely.

I hope that everyone has a friend like that....I'm sure glad that I do !!!

Happy Birthday Baby !!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane.......

Don't worry folks I do know when I'll be back again!!!!

(If you haven't noticed I like to reference song lyrics )

Tam and I are taking off for an overnight adventure in the city of angels!!! A little bit of
Santee Alleys, The Grove, Santa Monica Third Street, and whatever else we can find!!!

Hopefully we will be having a dog at Pinks Hot Dogs this trip.

It's Tam's Birthday Monday (right Tam Monday ?) and so that's why we are going. A little girls time in the big city!!!! We always come back from there trips with hilarious stories and crazy things that happened!!!

So stay tuned and pray for safe travels!!!!