Thursday, August 31, 2006

Double Elimination Night....

Oh goodness....I can't wait for BB7 tonight.....Bye Bye Dani....then who?????

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Can you believe that Chill Town got another break? GO Erika....although why she's listening to those guys..who knows.....I agree that Dani had to go would of been hard to win up against her. Janella rocks with the POV contest's....our house was screaming when we found out she won last night!!! Whoo Hoooo So Dani is gone.....what will happen next ??????

Monday, August 28, 2006

Go Chill Town GO!!!!!

One more week and they are safe....for now.....unless someone wins the POV and uses it to take someone off and Erika puts someone from Chill Town up....don't think that's going to happen though...Erika is a smitten kitten!!! Or is she? hahahahaha

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm in trouble.....

We went to a wedding yesterday and Lexi loved it. We got an aisle seat and I explained the whole ritual to her. She knew that in 1993 her daddy and I got married in the same church. She never fussed, asked to go home, rushed me or anything. She willingly wore a new dress and shoes. She let me do her hair. Well she started to let me do her hair and then said "ARE YOU DONE YET" She put a little lip gloss on and her play eyeshadow. She carried a purse and could not wait to get to the church.

Wolfie didn't want to go. He said that weddings too to long and he would of been bored. So that's fine with me. Who wants a pre-teen with you at a wedding just looking bored and wanting to leave? I don't.....

It was a very nice wedding and they really look in love. It made me remember our wedding and what a special day it was. I wonder if Lexi will be looking for a husband now on the school playground? So lock up your boys. Especially the cute ones...Jake,Mahlon and Sammy !

P.S. Check out more wedding photos at our flickr photos....even one of Rob trying to kiss the groom!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Honey !

Today is my honey's birthday!!! We started the day with a big breakfast made by me...bacon, eggs, toast and coffee!! YUMMY!

Then Rob went for a swim and cooled off a bit after planting some new plants!!
He looks happy in his pool!! Especially with me taking photos!!!

Then he got all dressed up and was in a friends wedding!!

All in all not a bad day for a 39th birthday!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!! I'm almost there with you in the 9's!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Chill Town's going down...maybe

Okay if the girls were smart they would gang up on Chill Town and take them down...but I'm not sure the girls can really pull that together.....they have the numbers andif they can get chicken george in with them....unstoppable.

So what will Erika do? Is she fond enough of Boogie to keep him around? Or is she playing him?

Will plays this game amazing and it makes me laugh when Boogie says "Well it's what Will wants to do" LOL What a cute couple!!! LOL

Okay Janelle....I loved the crying and making herself appear broken. What a perfect way for a beautiful women to work it. The close up of her with a single tear running down her face was great. Priceless.

Okay off to work now. Oh I'm working now!! Did you know that? :-)

Have a great FRIDAY everyone!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't SAY A WORD!!!!

Since my kids have "bedtime" and Rob's the enforcer now I could not watch our TIVO of BB7 .

So last night Rob gets the kiddos into brushing their teeth, reading and bed....but I'm not ready for bed. So I lay on the couch for a while to watch some of my shows. I really want to watch BB7. My mom/family guilt kicks in and I can't watch it without all of them. DARN. So now I have to watch it tonight with them. Cause we watch it together as a family. FAMILYPEOPLE If I would of watched it last night I would of broken the unwritten family code.

So don't e-mail me with what happened last night, don't tell me or send me the Sir Links web site e-mail link so I can read about it. Just try to refrain from telling me the dirt or how funny Chill Town was or how Danni is the Black Widow of the house.

UNLESS I beg you and promise Starbucks and ICEE's....then you can tell me!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Chill Town ROCKS

Hey if the BB house are going to let Chill Town run it like that....then their bad.....I think that Chill Town are so funny and my family was screaming tonight when Boogie just won HOH....

(We watched the TIVO from Sun night)

Go Boogie...Go Will.....See ya Janelle........


Okay I told my friend SJ Denim I was going to post photos of the blisters in the back of my heels. I took them but looking at them looked like photos from a sick crime scene. I'm all about laughing at myself but these were a little freaky.

Every day my little, soft like butter, tiny, elf like feet are getting more and more used to my "real" shoes for work. I found these great blister band aids and I'm slowly not walking like Frakenstein. If anyone can reccomend any super soft shoes that are enclosed on the front or back please leave me a comment.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Aunts ROCK!!!

Thanks Aunt Wendy!!! For taking the kids for the weekend!!!

It was nice to have a little breathing room!!! I actually won a $20 prize at bunco and also got to spend some quality time with my husband...with no one interupting!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet Ramsey

*It bring much satisfaction that they have arrested a suspect in this case.

*It also makes me feel good that the mom, before she died, knew that they were getting close to arresting someone in the case.

*Murder cases like this one should not go on and on like this one has.

*I hope they have DNA that they can get this guy on and put any suspecion of the parents to rest.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A different direction.......

Okay so for some reason I can't post any photos on Blogger I will post some of them on my Flickr pages. School's back in session and our family is loving being back on schedule. Rob's reading to Lexi at night...or helping her read. She's doing great but still wants us to read everything for her. Mornings getting her up and ready for school are tough. She's a sleepy head and even with going to bed early still does NOT want to get up in the mornings. Also the clothes....what a diva I have a created!!! She's so picky and it's got to be just the right item of clothing for it to grace her body for the day.

Wolfie is doing his math and we mostly have no clue on how to help him with any of it. He's really excited to hae a male teacher this year and we think it's going to be great. He's feeling much better and is trying to remember to take his preventative meds each day. I can see certain things about him getting more "manly" and there are times that I can say I really enjoy him as a person. He makes me laugh and it's really hard to stay mad at him. I know the horrible teenage years are ahead of me but I'm hoping humor will carry us though.

My fav night's are Monday and Tuesday cause Rob's got no church band stuff going on and we have family nights. I'm making it sound all dreamy but it's just nice to be together and a family unit. Although we had a rockin summer being back on a schedule makes us all feel much better. We now have a place to be and a purpose. Especially me. I'm venturing back out into the workforce!! It's part time while the kids are in school and the opportunites for expanding later on are great. It's what I used to do before kids and I have the experience. I'm nervous and excited at the same time!!! I really appreciate my friends helping me with my kids till I get my normal schedule. :-) You guys ROCK!!!

For the last 9 years I ran a in home daycare. It was great and I mostly watched kids my own kids infants....that made it a little easier. When my son got sick this last spring I was trying to juggle watching kids mostly in the afternoon after school was out. Between all his doctor appointments and his days where he was really sick I just could not juggle watching kids and taking care of my own sick kid. OH yeah and homeschooling him and still taking his sister to school. Plus the house and animals and everything else that I still had to do. I took him out of school, took care of him and gave my daycare parents notice. It was a really hard thing to do. I had became friends with my daycare families. Their kids were part of our family.

I won't lie and say that everyday that I watched kids was a breeze. Some days were challenging and everyone was going in different directions. There were days where my own kids needed me more than I could give them the attention. I had to learn to multi task and take care of lots of things at a time. They learned that sometimes they had to wait for their mom. Truth be told daycare was a gift to my family. I have made lifelong friends and my kids have also. I don't always see my past daycare kids but the memories that we take with us are priceless. I was able to stay home and raise my kids and give them lots of educational benefits. I did preschool when Wolfie was little and lots of arts and crafts with Lexi. Between the field trips, moms club activities, park days, playgroups, library we got out and were very active! We have lots of fun times doing all the things that most parents don't want to do at their own homes...playdough, fingerpaint, shaving creme, slime and goo!!

I knew that once I got sick of finding playdough in my carpet that I would be done with daycare. My son got sick and it just seemed like a playdough in the carpet. I am moving on with another phase in my life. It's weird and freaky....but I look forward to seeing how it's all going to turn out.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Way Back....

I was taking the photos of Glamour Shots and I have always loved this photo and little frame. I think that Chase was turning 5 ???? I think that Wolfie had just turned one or two???? Tam help me out here with the timeframe....Oh yeah check out flickr for more photos from Glamour Shots.....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

You mean there's more?

I put a few more photo on my flickr acct of the first days of school. I know your so excited to check them out......right?

Glamour Shots.....

We went to Glamour Shots right before Fathers Day to get our photos taken with the kiddos.....I need to scan my kiddos but here's one of Tam, Ken and Chase.....It came out so nice!!! I love the look on Chase's face in this photo....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First Day of School

Well the little weasels are back to school. I now have a first and sixth grader!! They are in school each day now till the afternoon. Moms wait their whole lives for their kids to be in school all day.

Awww how cute is he? I love how his hair just flips back like that.....

I know her shirt looks brown in the photo...but it's black....just so you know she did match
on her first day!!! Got to love her leopard backpack also!!!!

It's been a YEAR ?

First Day of School 2005

What a difference a year makes!!!

First Day of School 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You know who you are..... know know where......

Whooo Hooooo!!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ricky Bobby

We went and saw Ricky Bobby tonight. It was super super funny!!! Oh my goodness I laughed so hard outloud......It definately had lots of inappropriate phrases but I'm hoping that lots went over the heads of the innocent ones!! hahaha

I'm so sick of McD's!!! I'm ready for the school year schedule and getting back on
track with healthier food !!! The kids would never get sick of fast food but I'm getting sick.

Hey let's all link up and play Mario Bros......

Colors....Colors.......the game of the end of summer

Birthday Girl

Okay so I was about 19 and got a job at Clothestime. It was my first real paid job. Yes I know what your thinking....19 and her first job? Better late than never.....Tam was my one of my boss's at Clothestime....I started as a retail salesperson and then got the responsibility of carrying a key and closing and opening.....that was real power for me!! LOL The good thing was it was right close to the Graduate and after work it was fun to go dancing!!!

Tam and I used to have so much fun working a shift together. I got to do all the cleaning and putting away shipments and she did the reports at night. I also got to show the super freaks into the dressing room. Can you say hairy hands? EWWWWWW

She was just so deep and profound. She always knew just what to say. This year will be our 20th year of friendship....that's a long time to know someone....but then again it just seems like yesterday that her and I were cruising around in her pepto bismol pink VW bug.....listening to Heart and worrying about boys. Time have definately changed but she's still my Oprah.....thanks for all the great years Tam!!! Hope you have a super birthday year and get just the right curtains for your dollhouse!!!

Want to laugh your butt off? Well just go here and have fun!!! Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

yo.....summer O U T

Whoo Hooo....can I hear an AMEN? School's starting this upcoming week....okay I know there are a few of you that read this that are dreading school...maybe cause you work at a school....but for those of you who have been with their kids mostly full time for the last 10 weeks......I'm so glad you made it through......LOL We had a big BBQ today and lots of friends and family came over. The kids all got along and made trips back and forth between the trampoline and pool.

There was almost a baptism in the pool today. With sweet little Ken.....You can check out my Flickr Photo set of the end of summer BBQ and see just how much fun was had. Well for those of you who did not make it.....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE....We didn't have too much fun....We saved some Mike's hard.....LOL

Friday, August 04, 2006

25 Loads?

Okay here I am at the laundrymat.....I had so much laundry that I thought it would just be better to do it all at once. Here I am sweaty and hot and excited to be done with laundry.....FUN!!!!

Oh no...Again?

Guess what this leads to?

A Crested Fire Dalmation Gecko

He was hatched on 5/17/06 and he's just the cutest thing !

He's a little beauty ain't he? We got him from Julie at the Gecko Ranch in Woodland. She's got a super set up and lots of amazing geckos! She will also be at the Sacramento Reptile Show at the Convention Center coming up in September 9-10.

Oh so cute...this photo does not do him justice. He's got really cool colors and is very alert for a 3 month old little beauty!!! Come by and see him one day!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Campfire Campout

Summer is almost over and the kiddos are getting ready to go back to school. We had my niece and nephew over for some swim and smores fun!!!

I don't know why Lexi's saluting but she thought it was called for....maybe she thinks I'm a drill seargant and is being polite!!

Mom and Lexi posing for the camera!!!

Dad and Lexi just chilling waiting for their mallow to burn!! Rob can't wait for our summer parties to be over so the poor man can get some sleep. He's going into work with bags under his eyes every day!!! Us likes to party in the summer!!!

The gang roasting some mallows and saluting......

My niece is 17 and will be going to college in a year. My sister was preggo with her when Rob and I started to date. We use Jordan as our time frame and it's amazing what a young lady she's become.....sassy attitude and all!!! :-)

Taylor is a really funny guy. He's 14 and taller than me with my shoes off. He can do a mean Robert Guille (sp?) from Best of SNL Will Ferrell. He's hilarious and keeps me laughing. He can shoot some mean hoops also.

They are both really good kids and I'm proud of what a great job my sister and her hubby's done. I know they will be happy in their life and find lots of humor in everything they do!!!

Lady In The Water...Movie Review

I took my son and nephew to see this movie last night

I thought the story premise was a bit weird. I like more reality based stories. The movie really wasn't scary except for a weird dog/wolf that would charge at people about 4 times. Then at the end when the eagle came and took the lady in the water back home was a little intense. We jumped a couple times. I was really proud of myself for sitting through a scary movie. I normally don't like them at all. I would say this one was more susspense than anything. Not bloody or gorey. I love a good mystery or suspense thriller and this would of been it had the store been more reality based.

I guess it was rated PG13 for being intense. There was little or no cussing and no nudity. I know that M. Night Shyamalan normally will take a very small role in his own movies but this time he was in it almost the whole time. That was a bit weird for me. He should of taken a small role or given a glimpse of himself.

So all in all a decent movie for a Monday night out. The boys both liked it and we had a few laughs about the movie when we were walking out. I think what I enjoyed most of all was having a nice night out with the boys. I LOVE the movies and it was lots of fun as Wolfie gets older to share some movies with him besides Pokemon or Jurassic Park!!!