Monday, January 30, 2006

Wooly Bully

That's all...just Wooly Bully !!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

We love to BOWL!!!!

Lexi's Daisy Girl Scout group that she's in went bowling today. Mama even bowled and brought her own ball....yeah I have my own ball!!! That's how I roll. Maybe one day I will post why I have my own ball.....until then it's top secret!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Basketball is my favorite sport.....

We like it when they dribble up and down the court!!! LOL The Sasquatch's played their second game today and played great. It's so fun watching them out there having fun and doing their best!!! Wolfie is #21 and with the black and white striped shoes. These are not the best gym photos.....but it's something..... :-) Rob's co-coaching and brought the icy hot today but didn't have to use it. LOL

Here's our team flag!!!

I wonder what the coach is telling them?

Run Wolfie RUN!!! Pack Em under the basket!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Elvis has left the building!!!

We all survived and made it back in one piece!!! Of course it's never a good 11 year old party
if there are not handcuffs involved....story coming up later!!!

Had a great time and will post more about it later!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Happy Birthday......

To the Trina Bean....We wish it was our birthday so we could party tooooooooo......!!!!! Have a good one!!!!!

I had to also throw this photo in of Trina's oldest boy.....How cute is he?

Friday, January 13, 2006


Rob waiting to come in the operating room with me. I love his outfit. I wonder what he must of been thinking.

My little red man.

Rob's Dad holding Wolfie for the first time.

Will he ever forgive me for putting him in the bucket?

When I was on maternity leave I would dress him up and take photo shoots during the day while Rob was at work!!!

Photo Montage Part Deux

This is one of my fav photos of my little boy!!! How sweet and angelic is he?

This was when I could still dress him in Osh Kosh!!! We were in Carmel and took him to his favorite place in the whole world.....well next to Hawaii.....Monterey Bay Aquarium.

It's the plaid version of "Mini Me"

Last....but not least......

It wasn't always fun times when he was a toddler!!! He did NOT want to take this photo at Bubba Gumps at the
Wharf in Monterey. Got to love that Rob was still smiling!!!

I had to throw this freaky photo in here. This was my childhood friend. He was a Monkey named Friend. I'm sure this pretty much explains things for most of you. Now you know my secret. No, I don't still have him. We were cleaning out my parents garage one time and came across him. I took lots of photos and then sent him to the Rainbow Bridge for stuffed Monkeys.....he was a good friend!!!

Awww how proud is a parent when their kid learns to ride their bike?

Thursday, January 12, 2006


11 Years Ago Today.....

I was in my hospital room recovering from a last minute c-section. I had my baby boy finally after 9 months. We tried to go the "conventional" route but he was too big and sunny side up . When in the operating room it took two doctors to pull him out. As they had both hands on him and were bringing him to our world the male doctor said "It's a.....It's a.....BUBBA" Wolfgang was 9 pounds 2 ounces and around 21 inches long. He was a beautiful baby with very red skin and an easy temperment. That easy temperment got a bit rougher around the age of 4!!

It wasn't till Wolfie was born that I felt like a real adult. I wasn't playing house anymore. It was a awesome feeling and a bit overwhelming at the same time. Wolfie is just like me in so many ways. It's a quite intense experience to have been looking at a mirror to yourself for the last 11 years. Not only have I learned so much about my son but about myself. Sometimes it's like water and oil but the good times far outweigh the challenging.

Wolfie is a great kid with a wicked strange sense of humor. He's a big goofball and can't go anywhere without finding something to climb on. We have great times laughing and being together. As he gets older I appreciate the young man he's becoming.





Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Time of Our Life!!!

We just got back from a fun ship cruise!!! So fun and with good friends it made it even better!!! You can check out my HUGE slideshow at flickr:

When you get to this page click on the big photo of Rob and I and then click on NEXT to view the next photo....then you can see the photo captions....or you can just view as a slide show and check them all out. There are a ton. I can't wait to get everyone else's photos and see those also!!! I'm sure we all took close to 1000 photos between us all!!

Rob and I are still rocking back and forth and don't have our land legs back yet. He almost fell over in the garage. The laundry is slowly getting done and the house back to normal. It was a joy to see BOTH KIDS and spend time with them!!! We played Simpson's Operation last night and Rob made pasta for dinner!!! Rob and I were beat and fell asleep early so I'm not sure what the kids did after we fell asleep!!! Nice mom huh?

Have fun checking out the photos and don't be afraid to sign the guestbook or leave a comment or can't be scared to be on the net!!!!

Formal Cruise Photos.....Only $100!!! :-)

We are the King and Queen of the World!!!!
At least of the fun ship Paradise!!!

Here's the group of funny boys!!!

Here's our serious photo.....We love dressing up!!!

I had to take the cruise director position from Vicki in Ensenada but
she told me "Your not the boss of me" LOL See if I
ever take the lead again......hahahaha

The most handsome group of girls and guys on the whole Fun Ship Cruise!!!
I'm not sure how that Rico Suave guy got in the photo at the top.........

Back to life.....back to reality!!!

We are home and back from our fun ship cruise!!! We had a blast and the weather was perfect once we got out of Nor Cal. The friends we went with were hilarious and a great time was had by all. There is lots to post and tell about but for now all you get is a teaser photo.....

For all you Brokeback Mountain Fans I'm trying to get a group to go and see it on Sunday afternoon.....anyone game?????
Call me!!!! I know that Jimmy and Joe are in for sure!!! Lou just don't wear your Mac Daddy shirt!!! LOL

Group Shot----Catalina

We were crazy and there was even some dog poop involved in trying to get this photo. Thanks to the lady jogger that stopped to take the 10 photos we asked of her!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Na Nu Na Nu

I gave up some fun time's in Ensenada to try and new treatment that they had on the ship. We called it the EGG but it's called something else. I felt like Mork from Ork but it did really feel good. I got a mini facial at the same time. You lay in this egg and it vibrates and warm air flows all over you. You have headphones on with nice soothing music playing. It lasted 30 minutes and then it was over. It was supposed to give you 3 extra hours of sleep and rest but honestly it did me in. I was done for the rest of the day. So I can't tell of any good stories in Mexico but hopefully my friends will post some of the fun photos!!!

Just kicking it....

We are home and the kids are just kicking it. Wolfie has Justin over for some evil fun......Not sure what that means but it looks like they are planning something.......LOL

Chloe has found a hiding spot from the dogs. They were in the backyard all week so the cats had the house to themselves. Chloe finds dogs to be totally disgusting creatures and will find any excuse to tuck herself away.

Lexi's getting her fix of cable TV. They were at my sisters house all week and they don't have cable. Oh the SHAME!!!! Lexi's been in heaven all day today !!! I'm happy to oblidge !!! They did have fun weaving baskets and making homemade butter at my sisters house. I think my brother in law may have taught them to make marionettes!! LOL hahaha

Just like Mom!!!!

Wolfie was complaining of headache's often so I took him to get his eye's checked. Sure enough he's farsided. Reading up close was making his eyes strain. So he's got a pair of glasses now. He will use them for reading, school work, video games and most things close up.
He looks quite handsome don't ya think?

Is it any wonder?

That I love white fluffy dogs? This was my dog Darling. I got her when I was 19. Yes she was a poodle. Don't be hatin!!!! She was such a sweetie!!! She was my baby till I moved away from home. I left her there for my parents to take care of. Her and my Dad had a very special bond. She just left for Rainbow Bridge about 3 years ago. She was sweet and never hurt anyone or anything. This was her as a puppy and not groomed yet. Isn't she cute? I want another one someday....just white and fluffy!!!