Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's ON K Family.........

What 12 is........

It's about your only form of transportation...(besides your parents) and taking a walk on a fine afternoon in January...........

Yeah it's also about having your own cell phone......he's cool like that!!!!

Just get used to it....Game 2

Get used to all the basketball photos that is!!!!

Here's Lexi checking into the game. Division 1 is so flipping cute!!! After only a few practices they are starting to really get it and are having fun. Lexi was really nervous at first but now really loves it and wants to be in the game.

Here's Lexi and Ali. Ali is throwing the ball into Lexi and she's gonna take it down.....see how she's got her hands out and her target ready? :-)

Here's my boi WOLFIE running down the court...playing a Stanford or 51 or some sort of play. It's harder to get photos of this game cause they run so darn fast. Plus how embarassing is it for your mom to be taking a ton of photos from the sidelines...especially when there are other 6th grade girls there to watch the game also!!!! He played a great game and had some SWEET passes and a few buckets.....way to play as a team SPURS!!!!

Their coaches for this season are some high school boys friends of ours. They ROCK And Wolfie's (#21) been friends with them for several years now. He's loving his team and they are really starting to gel and come together. They are incredible supportive of all the boys and teach in a very nurturing way. Thanks Dustin and Kyle!!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mr. Sun.........

Okay see the looks of happiness on the kids faces? It's time for you to come back home!!! We love you and really want to bask in your brightness !! I promise to buy SPF 50 sunscreen for the kids and even for the first few days of laying out wear it myself......

I promise to swim more laps and keep you clean all summer long!!!
Well my pool boy will keep you clean......

Mr Sun if you come back I can even go back to the beach this summer and play on the beach!!! I know I'm not quite swimsuit ready but I"m working on it!!! (Note to SELF Re-New Tanning Salon Membership and no more soda)

So come on home Mr Sun!!!! Bring those warm summer nights back to!!!

It's gonna get messy.......

It's that time of year again
....the annual CRAB FEED!!!! It won't be pretty and it's gonna get really super messy.....melted HOT butter, crab, shrimps, pasta, salad, did I already say CRAB AND MELTED HOT BUTTER?

I may or may not post photos of this event.....it's not pretty and I don't want anyone to get sick or be hatin for the craby feed!!!

UPDATE: CRAB FEED WAS AWESOME!!! I feel sorry for my co-workers who have to smell the garlic on me today..........Thanks Larry/Julie for HOOKING us up!!!!

Winter Prom......

My almost 18 year old niece went to her Senior Winter Prom last night. I went over and did her make up and saw them all off in the limo....lots of fun !!! I hope they had a great time last night!!!! You looked super beautiful JoJo and I can't believe what a grown up your becoming!!!

You all know where to go by now to see the rest of the prom fun right?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What do I love?

Last night at girls night out I got this pretty purse!!!! You can check out my flickr photos for more artsy photos of my purse....oh yeah and the owl house down the street......

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I had to post this one again......

Okay so he's 12 and she's 6...how did tht happen....is it hard to believe how fast it all goes by? I know I'm always saying that....but it's the truth...right?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Girls Night Out.....

Can't come fast enough!!! WOW!!! I can't wait for this Friday!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let's play some Basketball!!!!

Wolfie got to hit the free throw line twice yesterday. He made both second shots. He played some kickin defense and was packing and blocking like crazy. They didn't win....but you know what...it's all about teamwork and learning something new!!! Rock on SPURS!!!! Huge props to the coachs. It takes a village and I have been nothing but impressed but the coach's he's had in the last few years!!!

Lexi got to guard one of her friends Belle. It was so cute and Lexi had a great time. She had some anxiety over the official "game" with points but once I told her that they don't keep track of points and it's just fun she got into it.

Basketball rocks!!!!!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Love this one of Wolfie

I found this picture of Wolfie and just love it!!! So tween with his long hair!!! Practicing his guitar!!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Don't BLINK!!!!!

Or you will miss it all.....Today my baby boy Wolfgang Alexander is turning 12 years old. He was such an easy and happy baby. Rarely gave me any trouble till he turned about 2 1/2. From the time he could walk he wanted to be outside exploring. There were many times where I would find him in the backyard with a little dixie cup trying to find rolly polly bugs or worms to collect. The backyard was his stomping grounds and several times he would fall asleep in the swing as he was in his element and was relaxed.

His best friends were the dogs and cats. He loved them and when he was little he was gently and loving to them. Now he dresses them in Build A Bear clothes and Kev Fed hats. His love of animals has grown into reptiles and we have always tried to give him the room he's needed to explore this. Of course this included keeping crickets in the house, mice-cicles on hand and the occasional funerals of a loved pet.

He loves to read and do most everything that boys love to do. Ride skateboards, play basketball, video games, surf the net, bounce in the trampoline and swim!!! He's got a little spark in his eye that can easily be brightened when hanging out with cousin Chase and riding the tetter-totters at Sam's Club and trying to work the food ladies for more samples!!

He's very creative and can do wonders with a ball of string!!! There have been many times a Max Steel action figure has repelled across our living room!!

He's my co-pilot and one so fun to be around!!! He's always up for a adventure and still loves to sit on my lap and will still hug me!!!!

Love you Wolfie!!!! Have a great Birthday today!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Delurking Week Jan 8-12

One of the blogs I read Paper Napkin have relayed the information that it's delurking week. There is a universe out there in the internet that decided these things. It's a whole goverment. LOL Although I'm sure lots of other bloggers are doing it also....so If you lurk here just leave a comment. I'm guilty of reading lots of blogs and never leaving a comment. I know you are too....(except for the BEAN who can't comment cause her blog comments are all messed up you are forgiven and excused from this)

So I will go tonight and leave comments on all the blogs I check out...no more this week will I continue to stalk and not tell them how funny they are or how I can relate to them!!!

So come on fans and Joe G....leave a comment!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My girl...

Boi is almost 12...

You know that a birthday does not last one day anymore right? It's the party at school, party with friends, party with family and going out to dinner for the birthday. So several hundred dollars later and about a week or so the party is over. Heck it's lots of fun and the kids love it. How many of you have super memories of your birthday when you were younger ? I love having that memory for the kids and who knows...maybe they don't appreciate it but it's a special time to think back on the year and how they have grown.... My boi turns 12 this week. We started the party tonight with his Aunt Tam, cousin Chase and Kendall.

Do you know where to go to check out the pictures from tonight? Have fun!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Her's a walking now!!!!

My friend Tam and her husband Greg....they have been waiting a long time for this little girl to come into her life.....it took faith, hope and lots of patience to try and wade through the adoption system. They were already blessed with a wonderful blended family but a piece to the puzzle was still out there. It was Kendall. Almost a year ago Tam got the call that this precious little girl was born and they hopped on a plane and it was pure , true love at first sight .

She's one of the happiest babies I have ever known. Never cried or throws a fit. Is happy to go to bed at night and eat what mom makes for her. She loves her Daddy and brother Chase and wakes up each day with a smile. It dosent' get better than that!!!

Check out my Flickr for more baby fun!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thanks Wen !

My sister in law got me a Sephora Gift card for my birthday. I went online and picked a few things out. Some of you may know I have a slight obsession for Yankee Candle ButterCreme Frosting scent. They smell so good and when I saw that there was a body wash out in the same smell I about freaked out. It smells really good and very sweet!! A great way to start my day!!!
Well of course I spent a little more than my gift card and got my new other favorite scents by Philosphy Amazing Grace. It smells clean and just out of the shower fresh.

When you order from Sephora you get to pick 3 free samples. I picked out FRESH SUGAR perfume which is heaven and Donna Karan Body Lotion (I have the same scent in deodorant and powder and it's heaven) and a Stella perfume which I have not tried yet.

Thanks Wen for the gift card!!!! I love getting the treats from Sephora!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Pretty much sums it up......

We had a great time last night. We went to a barn party for New Years. When I say barn you may be thinking.....wow....that's pretty weird.....but this was a HUGE barn complete with basketball hoops, air hockey, ping pong tables, pool tables, a clown, raffle, dance floor, dj, prom photo backdrop, lots of good food and friends!!!!

We had a great time and you can chck out my flickr photos for more New Years silly photos!!!