Monday, July 25, 2005


I found this photo of Lex when she was about 3 1/2 or so. You know the stage "I can do it myself" ???? I think that she loves syrup!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oh where oh where is Paris?

Do you see kitty?

How cute is she? We didn't even pose her like that!!! She climbed up there and was taking her afternoon nap with her buddies!!!

Lexi....ROCK ON girl!!!

Lexi was bored while we were sitting around on Saturday at Wolfie's she took this self portrait....told ya she's a rocker!!! LOL hahahah

Camp's over!!!

Justin, TJ and Wolfie on the court

Wolfie is right in the middle of the photo.

Well we survived basketball camp...barely. When we got up there on Thursday evening for parents night Wolfie had gotten a flu bug and had a fever and been throwing up. Poor buddy!!! A bug combined with how hot it was and he was feeling pretty lousy. We took him home that night and let him get better. He rested and felt better to go up on Saturday and finish up the last day of camp. Right now he says he is never going back again cause he's afraid he will get sick like that again!! We told him that he will forget all about it and be ready to "hit it hard" next summer. Time will tell!!! :-) Wolfie missed us lots and I think that and being sick did not help out the whole camp experience. He's got 5th grade camp coming up in October so hopefully he will have a super time that week!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Basketball Camp!!

Well he's there. At basketball camp for a week!!! We had lunch with about 10 of his friends from our town that will be going to camp also. The kids ate like NBA stars and were in fine spirits!!! We dropped them off in the was about 100 degrees there!! We were sweating and wondering how the kids were going to survive the heat! They had water and gatorade all over the place. He's got his buddies with him and one of his summer basketball coaches was there also.

It looks like they are going to have so much fun. I just hope that he minds his manners, cleans up after himself in the cabin, showers at least one time and tries to brush his teeth at least once.....

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is summer almost over?

Well for us goes back the second week of August!!! Can you hear me shouting YEAH!!!?????? My 10 year old is going away next week to sleep away basketball camp for 5 nights. Am I nervous? Not really....I just want to make sure that he is able to keep his stuff together , be organized and have fun. I have never really been one of those overly nervous moms. I try to give him a long leash to try new things and experience things . Now that I'm the "parent" I realize what a balance it is to watch over your own kids, keep them safe and still let them explore. To me learning how to be independent is important and to take care of one's self is a lesson I'm trying to teach my kids. I never really felt that I could take care of myself entirely and at 37 still feel that way a bit. I guess we are always trying to still grow up right?

My baby is going to kindergarten this year. Am I sad? Not really. Maybe a little bit since I know she's our last one. I was never that mom that sobbed when her kids went to school or went off on their own for the first time to try something new. If my kids are able to hold their head high and walk through those school doors I feel happy for them. Of course what mom does not want a break when their kids go to school? I'm sure on that first day you will find me and the peeps down at the local coffee bar commiserating on how summer is over and how to get into the school mode. Once school starts it's all about school, soccer, early getting up, packing snacks, homework, holidays, PTO meetings, getting dark early, cooler weather.....and that's all good with me....well except the homework part!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Aunt Wendy !!!

Here is Aunt Wendy and my kids. She's so good to them and is always taking them for special times and giving us parents time to take naps!!! Thanks Wendy!!!

Hubby's Side of the Family!!!

Here's a group shot my hubby took of the kiddos. These are my kids and my 4 nephews at the park. Very cute and fun group of kids!!!

Lucky!! said ND style.....

Wolfie got a great chance to head to Hawaii when he was 8 with his Aunt Wendy. He had a super time and took home memories he will never forget!!!

The above photo is at Waikiki Beach close to the Duke statue. There is a webpage where there is a live beach cam and you can see people walking by the statue at all times of the day. We planned it right one day and he called me from this place. I could see him and his aunt while I was talking on the phone to him!!! Very cool!!!

My niece & nephew

This is my kids and my niece and nephew. My hubby took these about 1 1/2 years ago. What nice looking kiddos!!!

Basketball Weekend!!! GO 3 5 !!!!!!

One of our favorite things to do is watch Wolfie play basketball.
We also love to watch Lexi play soccer. Well she mostly cheerleads
and chats with her friends but it's still fun!!! Our summer basketball
season is over and Lexi will soon start soccer. Here's some pic's of Wolfie at his games this weekend.

More Chris!!!

How cute is he? What a great concert and night we had!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Basketball and Chris Isaak

What an exhausting weekend. It started Saturday morning getting up at 6AM so that we can leave
for a basketball tourney. Then there were 4 straight hours of basketball. We won the first two games,
lost the 3rd and then lost by 1 point on the last game. It was one of the best tourney's we have been in.
I was so proud of the way Wolfie played even if he gave the other team black eyes from "ripping" the ball!!! :-) Here is him and Justin waiting for the free throw to go.

Then we left from there and drove almost 3 hours to to see a concert.Thanks to everyone who took care of the kids for us this weekend. It was nice to NOT have to think about anyone else but oursevles for a day! It was Chris Isaak. We had no clue who was opening for him and was very pleased to hear that Minnie Driver opened the concert and what a nice voice she has. Very funny and mellow.

Then it was time to rock with Chris for a few hours. After the concert they come out and sign stuff and just walk around the
crowd chatting with the fans. It was a great night!! This was the 3rd time we have seen him and he's a funny guy!!! He's also worn the same mirror suit at the end of each concert. He also ran out in the crowd and was about 2 seats from us and you could see his face clear as day. Sure is cute!!!

We stayed right on the lake at Clear Lake and
woke up to sit on our porch while the guys went and fetched mocha's!!! We stopped at in Williams on the way home and had the BEST lunch!!!
If you ever head up I-5 be sure to stop at the place and eat!!! YUMMY!!! Thanks to our
friends for letting us into their best keep secret in Williams!!

Got home and it was great to see the kiddos. Although I went and took a nap right away. Still feeling lazy and with a horse voice from the basketball game and concert. Back to the grind on Monday....I will post more photos when I get them.

Friday, July 08, 2005

We love cats!!!

We really love our cats. Especially Lexi...
.she loves them, carries them all around, dances with them
and makes their arms do strange things!!
check out the flicker slide show with some of the highlights.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Lexi is obsessed with our cats.....Chloe was taking a nap one day and Lexi set up these little kitties/doggies to nurse on her....hahaha Chloe just laid there and let it happen!!!

I'm a kids cook....See why?

There is a reason I mostly only cook for kids....and this is proof!!! Here's a cake I made for one of Wolfie's birthdays....

Where did my little girl go?

Okay I loved Lexi's binkies.....okay so she had them till she was almost 2. SO???? Also to be fair I didn't have a digi camera when Wolfie was a baby so I will try to get some of him also.....

Fun with old pics.....

I have been having fun finding some older digi pic's!!! Here's some to keep you smiling!!!

Told you that Lexi is a rocker....look at the camo style

Please Buzz save me from the aliens!!!

Here's Loofah!!!! If you read the first part of my blogs you will know who this is......

My peep peep peep

Here she Tam!!!! At our favorite place in the whole wide world....Disneyland!!!!

Well and here I am also!!!

Like Mother Like Son....

And people say we look nothing alike....hey at least he got my teeth......

4th of July Peeps

Okay so my hair is horrible and I need to get into see Kitty soon!!! But this is the gang at the Jones house on the 4th!!!

Kitty Love!!!!

How precious is this? Chloe has finally given into the cuteness of the new kitty Paris!!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 4th of July!!!

Here's the kiddos being very silly!!!! Getting ready to head out to a BBQ on the 4th

Monday, July 04, 2005

The beach...

Go to my flickr photos
to see more....

She lost her first tooth

Well it was by accident that it came out. It was loose but several months away from coming out. Her and her brother were fooling around. She put a squishy pillow in her mouth and he pulled it out and voila blood and a very loose tooth. In the middle of the night she said to me "Mama here's my tooth" and handed it to me. Since I had taken Tylenol PM to help me sleep through the camp noises I was very careful to make sure I took it and placed it next to the bed. I didn't want to loose this first tooth!!! The tooth fairy will come tonight...yeah

4th of July....Unplugged....

Well we got home from camping. We had never been to Pt. Reyes in Marin County before. What a nice place. The weather is just how we like it. COOL!!!! The Olema Ranch Campground was fun. Lots to do.

We were there from Friday to Monday. Had a blast and found some neat places that we can't wait to go back and explore more. You can check out the photos of out trip here

More about our trip to come.....I did manage to text message but was having withdrawls from the computer!!! We were unplugged all weekend!!!!