Monday, September 26, 2005


These are old photos from a Van Halen concert we all went to last summer......WOW.....what fun we had.....the hubbies were actually with us also.........We took a limo....need I say more....??????

Wanted: Dead or Alive......

If you see the above man he's wanted in all 50 states for Door Bell Ditching. He's also been known to throw peaches in people's backyards. He's also involved youth in the community in this atrocious crime. If you see him DO NOT attempt to retain him yourself. Call the authorities immediately!!!

The man in the afro wig below has been known to take part in these crimes as well. These are serious criminals people!! Do NOT TAKE THIS CRIME lightly people !!! :-)

More Silly 5th graders!!!!

Good Luck Whiskeytown with this bunch of kiddos!!!!!

Okay is this a kids enviromental school field trip or a trip for the parents? Hmmmm things that make you go hmmmmmm

Awww how cute!!!!

Bye bye guys!!! Have fun!!!! Eat lots of edible plants!!!!

5th Grade Camp!!!

Well they are off to 5th grade camp!!! Even my hubby!!!! Wolfie was out of his mind hyper excited this morning!!! I think it helped that he knew he was spending a whole week with his best friends and his dad also!!!

Here's the little buddies and their dads who are camp counselors!!

The "Big Kids" AKA 5th grade camp counselors. Don't worry folks they have all been fingerprinted and given FBI clearance!!! Don't they look ready to explore Whiskeytown? Don't answer that question!!! Standing ovation to these dads for taking a week off work and doing this!!!!

Have fun boys!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Music to our ears.....

Wolfie was so excited that with 5th grade came band. He's playing the sax and having fun. He's playing songs and looks so cute with his sax!!!!

Baby Chloe......

This was before cross eyes!!!! How cute is she?????

It's getting close to Basketball season......

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!

My nephew turned 14 yesterday....seems to me he was just a baby.....

More Jed Photos.......

Here is Lexi and her friends Taylor and Anna Grace. They are sitting in the back of the truck getting ready to take on the class ten rapids.

Happy Birthday to ROB!!! Rob spent his birthday out in the Smith River fly fishing. Okay so he didn't catch anything but had fun.

Everyone took a turn surfing!!!

Okay this was at a place called the Trees of Mystery....very strange place and Paul Bunyon talks to you.

More Camping Photos......

This was right in our campground. It was a great place to ride bikes off of and play games on.

Wolfie and his best friend BIGFOOT....or you can call him the YETI !!!! Wolfie's lifelong wish had come true by seeing this guy!!! ROCK ON YETI!!!!

Here's Wolfie at Ocean World in Crescent City petting a shark. He felt really gross when I pet him and I never want to feel that again!!!

Rob and Wolfie on the footbridge that crosses the Smith River.

How pretty is this? Can't wait to go there again!!!

A 9 Hour Drive.......

We went camping in August very close to the Oregon border. A beautiful place called Jedidiah Smith Campground. The Smith River ran through it and it was as clear as clear can be. We camped with another family and had a great time. The food was heavenly and the redwoods were huge. We went river rafting one day and had a blast on the class ten rapids!! :-)