Thursday, November 29, 2007


We live on a very busy corner here in our town. It's on the left hand side of this photo and you can hardly see it but let me tell you it's horrible. It's one of the major ways out and in town and also a crosswalk for kids to get to junior high. It's dangerous and congested but we love it and love where we live even though it's a crazy corner. I have asked the city several times to take action and put in a 4 way stop or flashing street embedded lights in and they have always blown me off. Now that my son and his friends cross that street every morning it's a bit higher on my "don't blow me off " list of things to get done. I had also "consulted" with a citizen (we call him the watchdog as he keeps an eye on the climate of the city here in town) here in town and asked if he could help me get the ball rolling a bit. He came out and watched traffic on a Monday morning and feels like we are justified in asking the city to do something.

My family went to the city council meeting this week to speak and let them know, again, how we feel. I asked Wolfie and his friend Justin, to do the same. Write a little something and get up and speak. He sat down all on his own after school Tuesday and wrote a whole page of what he was going to say. After all they are the ones that cross and it's best to hear from the one that have first hand knowledge of it.

We rush from a junior high basketball game, the boys are starved and Rob's told the guys are band practice he will be late. We get to the city council chambers and the audience seats are filling up fast. Really filled up. As in no seats left really. It seems the juniors and seniors are there as a requirement for a class they are taking. I start to get a little nervous and hope I don't cough all the way through my speech. I play it cool but in my head I'm thinking "WOW my 12 year old is going to get up in front of ALL these kids and adults and speak" When I was 12 I would of been freaking out with public speaking but in these days you just have to get used to it. I enjoy it now but it's a learned thing for most people.

So they call me first and I get up and do my thing. Our watchdog is there at the meeting also and I'm hoping I do okay. I'm also hoping I don't have a wedgie as I'm standing right in front of about 45 people with my back to them. I get through my speech with no coughs and go sit back down. The Mayor then calls Wolfgang to come speak and he goes up , reads his speech and does great. PROPS, SNAPS to you my son !!! Our buddy Justin gets up and does a super job and PROPS, SNAPS to you to my friend !!!!!! Way to go dudes !!!!!

Then the watchdog gets up and supports our statements and asks for follow up and it's going to the traffic advisory committee in a few weeks. Then we will have to get up again and do a speech and hopefully have many more people there from our neighborhood to stand up also.

I hope they are able to do something soon about this issue. I will keep you updated on the scoop !!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sprint ?

This is a request from a friend….if you have an old Sprint phone that your not using…..would you want to sell it ?  She does not care the style or anything.  Just needs a basic phone to use.  Thanks Internet world !!! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We had a great run here in Northern California of warm weather. It really only started to get chilly here at the end of November. Although last night when I was making a little delivery of "wine/grape love" to our neighbors I had on flip flops and Capri's. So cold is in the eye/body of each person. I found these pics on my computer when trying to file all my photos. After my photo sessions this weekend I downloaded about 600 photos !!! My sweet little laptop about blew up !! I need to get better about sorting, saving, backing up and organizing my photos. Here is some summer warmth from the Auberts boat this summer. I believe JK took them using a Nikon D40. Great shots !!!

I love the genuine laughter on Wolfie's face here. Of course there is tons of laughing
when you get all these boys together !!!!

Hope it's a little warm where you are and if it's not.....start a fire !!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday Fun !

I got to borrow Kim (She RAWKS !) Nikon for the day to shoot "The Beans" family Christmas card photo. I also took pics of my kiddos. It was so fun going downtown where the textures and colors are super cool in places and on walls. I also ran into a cool hometown photographer "Rose Photography" and finally introduced myself. We were both at the local park with "clients". Well hers were clients and mine at the time were my son and nephew. We were going to have to arm wrestle for the use of this bridge. :-)

Then after heading downtown again for the 2nd time on Sunday I ran into Rose again. I was laughing because I was using the back of her photography studio for my background. Now of course it's a public place and I can do that but it was just kinda funny cause she had just taken some photos a few weeks ago back there and posted them on her photo blog. Why re-invent the wheel when someone else has already done such a great job ? How do you feel when someone imitates you ?

Imitation is one of the biggest forms of flattery and we had this "teachable moment" last night with the kids. Lexi wanted to sign up for Club Penguin and play like Wolfie plays on it. He was all upset that she was copying him. I think it's when you get older you can see imitation for what it's worth. It's a huge compliment I think. Coming from a true friend It can be a sweet gesture of love. I can think of lots of things I have imitated from paint colors, purses, shoes and photo locations ! I'm not sure the teachable moment got through to my son but maybe one day he will see it for what it is.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Kathy !

Our friend Kathy was celebrating the " The 11Th Anniversary of my 21st birthday! " at a party at her house last night. Marys Pizza Shack was there, a big cake and lots of Kathy's friends.
What a nice tribute to what a great friend she is to everyone !

There were 2 DJ's and some fun music being played. It started with 80's fun and then went into more modern rap/dance. Super cool light effects also !!!

Getting ready to leave had to take a signature Steph shot !!!

Happy Birthday Kathy ! I'm sending you wishes and hugs that you have
a GREAT birthday year !

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Farming My Kids Out !

This last Wednesday I farmed the kiddos out for a little R&R with their friends. So there was 3 SIM's that helped out. Trina took these cute pics of the kids at the paint place. They made stuff and had a blast. I think they also went to the park and maybe In n Out for some food....thanks SIM's for helping a working girl out !!!

Stand In Dad.......

Just kidding he's not a stand in Dad !!!! He's the real dad ! Wendy and Rob took Wolfie and Lexi ice skating on Black Friday while mom had to work. Lexi's been asking Rob for some time to go ice skating and she finally got her wish.

Wolfie's not to old to get some assistance from the ice walkers !!

Bright Light

I feel so fortunate to have you for a son
I love your bright face
when we talk seriously about the world
I love your smile
when you laugh at the inconsistencies in the world
I love your eyes
when you are showing emotion
I love your mind
when you are discovering newideas
and creating dreams to follow
Many people tell me that
they cannot talk to their children
that they cannot wait for them to leave home
I want you to know
that I enjoy you so much and
I look forward to any time we can spend together
Not only are you my adored son
but you are also my friend
I am so proud of you
my son and
I love you

The Bond Between a Mother and a Daughter

The bond between a mother and daughter is the most precious gift of all. It is this unexplainable most fulfilling feeling that only 'that' mother and daughter can share. A mother should never feel they have to stop protecting their daughter. Of course they must let them make their own decisions and let them grow as an individual, but they must never stop protecting or being a guide for their life. A mother knows their daughter best.. and knows what's best for their happiness. No matter how old that daughter is she will always be her mother's baby, sister, and best friend. And never forget, a daughter, will always want to be her mother's baby, sister, and best friend. No matter what may occur, a daughter never wants her mom to stop being that guide. We will always need our moms; no matter how old we are.

Jessica Michelle Felice

R Family Fun

A new tradition was started last year. A little warmth to get the holiday started. Thanks to Rob's sister, Wendell, for keeping the tradition alive !!!

I'm happy to report there was no kids table this year. Well let me say this again. I'm not happy that the other kids were not there but Wolfie was happy to not have to be banished to the other room. :-) Rob's brother and sister were at their other families celebrating. There were thanks to be had and a great meal to eat !!!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Good Morning you crazy Black Friday shoppers !!! I'm at work , on my break,
and in RETAIL FUN !!! I hope that your all feeling great after a day of
turkey, football, tequila and pumpkin pie ! If you went shopping today and
got great deals, leave a comment and share with us what you got ! Have a
great day and be sure to check back later for more pics of Turkey Day !!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

t-minus turkey day

It's almost the end of Turkey Day ! We had a great relaxing morning. Although I had a leftover headache from the night before, it was gone by dinnertime. I really wanted to follow the Pioneer Woman Cooks mashed potato recipe and it came out delish !!

We went to Rob's parents house for the feast and it was kick back and mellow. Of course we had to start the feast with the new R family tradition ! Check back tomorrow and you will be able to see how we roll now before the fun starts !! I bet you can't wait to see huh ? Are you on pins and needles ? You should be !!!!

Hope you had a great holiday !!! I will leave you one more teaser shot of Turkey day ! I think we all know that around here it's more like "Pioneer Man Cooks" .......................

P.S. No games of Twister took place on this holiday but don't count out a new tradition to start on Christmas !! Thanks for the idea Tier One Friends ! :-)

what are dogs thankful for ?

Lucy is thankful for a new playmate named Bella, being friends with our two cats, the towels and blanket I leave on the floor for her to sleep on next to my side of the bed, when Lexi lets her up on the bed and even helps her up, a fresh litter box hence why she's friends with the cats, wrestling with Bella, when someone comes home and she comes in the house, taking a walk, a good bone to chew on, sneaking up on the couch and not being told no, two meals a day and clean water and a family that loves her.

Bella is thankful for being rescued from a dirty and lonely place, a new family, a new friend named Lucy, two cats that she wants to chase but can't, walking all over the top of the couch, puppy chow, being little and carried all over, sleeping under the covers with mom, that she fits through the kitty door, running in the yard with Lucy, the walnuts on the ground to chew all day long, kids to play with, her doggie toys and a family that loves her.

coming home

It's weird that we have not seen my niece Jordan in 3 months. That changed when she came home for Thanksgiving break. It was good to see her, she looks great and my kids were super happy to see her. Lexi especially got to hang with Jordan for a few days since she was out of school also. Thanks Jordan for hanging with the kiddos.

Here are the girls tinkering around on the piano. The girls both have an ear for music. Runs in the family as Jordans brother is a RAWKING drum dude !!!!!

Rob Van Gogh

Rob painted this in college. It's at his parents house now. I think I have posted this before but it's fun to bring out the college work just to see how far he's come !!!!

Wii so cool !!!!!

Instead of a cash allowance payout Wolfie asked if I would buy him the equivalent of Wii cash. Okay I can do that. So cool. He bought Internet access. He got onto his favorite blog and so did mom. Although it's a bit narcissistic to say mines the's more of a metaphor for me. Blogging, Flickr and everything Internet is cool !!!!

So here I am at the TV in front of my blog. How cool is the Wii ? It just keeps getting better !

Happy Thanksgiving......

Hope you have a great day today !!!! Eat lots of turkey and kick back for the day !! Check back later for some fun t-day pics !!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wiseacre Wednesday

Morning friends !!! I hope that today finds you warm and ready to relax on the big day tomorrow. I am really excited to be making mashed potatoes to bring to my in laws house tomorrow. I found a yummy looking recipe at the Pioneer Woman Cooks and you can check it out by going to this page. She's one of my favorite new bloggers. She's got a really amazing story on how her life all started and also takes amazing photos. Her everyday blog is just the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and she's got a great sense of humor and love for her family. My friend Lorraine (AKA Lori or Rain LOL) told me about this and I have been hooked every since.

I was woken up this morning to a venti mocha with whip and the newspaper from my lovely husband. Thanks baby !!! You ROCK !!!! That totally made my day in a big way !!! He told me if was in honor of Happy Friday. Okay I don't know who's calendar he's going off of but to me it's Wed but I will take coffee in bed whenever I can get it !!!! Of course my lovely hubby's got a 4 day weekend coming up. It's BLACK FRIDAY coming up and it's the biggest day of year for retail. Since I work in retail customer service I need to gear myself up for a huge day of selling, smoothing, soothing and making people happy !!!!

Lexi and I got Bella a pink fur type of dog coat at Wal Mart and she's so cute in it !!! Rob thinks it's a bit ridiculous but we don't care. (Sorry hon ! ) What little girl does not want a dog to dress up ? It's funny cause even though Bella is a girl she's pretty tom boy looking so seeing her in a pink fur coat is funny. I will snap pic's this weekend !!!

Okay it's time to get ready for work. I hope that you all have a great T-Day and please I'm begging you out for the Tryptophan !

Monday, November 19, 2007

Texas Tacos

Is that what they were called Gary ? They were fried goodness that's what
they were !! We went to dinner at the hottest spot in town last night.
Tacos were on the menu along with lots of laughter and mocking. Dinner was
delish and I could, like Kim, make a meal out of chips ! Thanks for the
invite !! Oh wait....I should be texting this to you !! :-)

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday Mom ! Hope you have a great birthday ! My mom hates bad,
foggy weather so today should be a crisp but sunny fall day just for her !!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Starbucks Cup Today 11/18/07

Pass On The Cheer
Hold the door for somebody laden with packages.  Serve hot chocolate and coffee to passing carolers. Pay the toll for the car behind you or do something nice for somebody you don't even know.  When you pass the cheer through little moments like this, you create warmth that outshines the brightest holiday lights !



This is a test !  Don't you love it ?

Friday, November 16, 2007


Okay peeps....many of you have voted for my big birthday and it's the "Melting Pot" that's got the most votes !!!! So Melting Pot it is !!!! Since December is such a BROKE month for everyone we are going to go (couples) in January. Let the financial pressure of the holidays blow by a few weeks then get ready to DIP!!!!

Once I set a date I will let everyone know the date and time. That was we can all get sitters, nice and early. There will be no excuses !!! If you think you and your partner will be going, leave a comment so I can get an idea of how big a table we will need.
My real 4.0 birthday is on 12.21 and it's Bunco night. It's at Trina's house so that means YEAH for me. I get to wear my pj's and walk over there. Don't let me down chickas!!! Be there or be square!!! I know it's a busy time of year but we can all take a little time out from shopping, wrapping, whining and watch Knocked Up, Play the Dice Game, Holiday git exchange and food and drinks!!!!! Let's all be merry !!! See you soon peeps!! Look for an official e-mail from Trina-The-Bean about bucno....I just kinda hi-jacked that....sorry bean!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well we had to eat......

After the game we needed to fuel our bodies and eat some dinner.
It was lots of fun and a good time was had by all !

I tried to take a cute shot of Wolfie and his mommy and this is what happens !!!

actually this was funny is this !!!!

You can see a funy YouTube video by Boratz and Beretta called Mothers Day. Super funny !

After the game.....

We had some fun after the game tonight. Bobo, TJ and Wolfie were somewhat willing participants in a quick photo session. That's dudes for letting me take my silly photos !!!

I bet you know what I'm going to say next right ?

Mozie on over and check out the rest of the evenings fun !!!

Were playing basketball....

We had another basketball game tonight. It was a tough game but they played well and we did win in the end. Instead of regular play shots you will now get artsy shots that are blurry (BUT I mean to do that) and streaky !!!! How fun is that ? Great job Cougars !!!!
Go Team ! Go 10 !

lexi & daddy

I had to pull a Mary Tyler Moore last night and call "Robbbbbbbb" after he had just gotten in bed. (A bit early I might add) Lexi needed help with her homework. She had to make these dolls that represented your heritage. So she did the girl Italian and the boy German. Since Rob knows a little bit about design, he helped her figure it all out. I can't draw so when she pulled this out to finish I went into panic mode. Thank goodness for SIM (she's only a text message away people) who let me know they were in fact due today. So yes they are done and ready for their next adventure....a 2nd grade classroom.

Girl Scouts.......

Lexi had been in girl scouts for 3 years now. She started out as a delicate Daisy and is now a fun loving Brownie ! I love all the patches that go on her vest. Since I don't' sew I used fabric glue to put them on. Her vest now weighs more than her but what the heck ! At least she will be cute with her patches at the meetings !!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mt. Tam

Rob and the kids all had the day off today. They went on a cool adventure to Marin County. They packed a picnic lunch and headed for a hike up Mt. Tam. It looks like it was a beautiful day up there and after the hike up it was all about the Newt's and the lake !!! For some reason I can't post photos so go to my Flickr and check them all out. Thanks Rob and Wolfie for taking some great shots !!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

breakfast dinner anyone ?

I heard someone at work today talking about Egg Nog French Toast. I knew right then that we were having this for dinner tonight. It was really yummy and the bacon we had with it made it even better !!! The next time you don't know what to make for dinner a great alternative to make is breakfast dinner. Yes, I made this all alone peeps. Everyone knows I don't enjoy cooking but this was super easy !!!

And 1

The Cougars had their first game yesterday. They played great and it's impressive to see this group of boys and how they interact with each other. A really nice group of dudes. Their coaches ROCK and I think they do a great job teaching them and encouraging them to play their best. They really encourage teamwork and that's nice to see.

It's always fun to watch Wolfie play ball with his friends. Wolfie and Justin play different positions and it's cool to see how they pass and help each other out....and the rest of the team. It's hard to believe these guys met when they were 2. Now they play "So Tough" !

The one downer side of basketball season is the games start at 5:15 and 4:00 pm. I work till 5:00 pm and then a mad rush to get Lexi from daycare and make the game. I told Wolfie I won't be able to make all the games. I think he understands but what kid does not want their parent there cheering them on. Most school sports are after school so not all parents can make it. That's the breaks of working full time. Sucks but someone's got to pull the HUGE salary right ? :-) LOL To pay for my new Nikon which I'm sure I will get once basketball season is just about over !!! :-) I have already requested the weekend tournaments off and I totally OWE SIM (read previous post's if your un-clear about SIM) big time for taking Wolfie to games and helping me out. She's got the golden key to swim in the pool all summer !!! It's better than the golden ticket !! :-)

On a side note I think that I have decided to get a used Nikon D1X body only as a start. Lenses I can get anywhere. It retailed brand spankin new for about $4000 and if I can find the body from someone who's upgrading to a bigger and better one it will be a great deal. It should be fun !!!