Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tam's First Heart Attack

Okay so Chase was riding last night for charity. Someone ran into him and he ended up breaking his arm and getting a concussion.....Okay family and friends...that's more....he's got to wear a sling for 6-8 weeks. Were he broke it it's in a strange place to cast it. That's why he's got to wear the sling. Here he is at the hospital getting checked out.

I'm sure he will be back up and riding once it's healed!!!

Hope your feeling okay today Chase!!!

P.S. HUGE props to Tam for having her camera with her in the ER.

Reality Check......

I got a call yesterday from a friend that saw my sister and kids were in a car accident. She had driven by and saw them getting out of their car. Then while I'm on the phone with her my niece calls me asking if I can come and pick them up. So Wolfie and I jump in the car (thank goodness Lexi was at a friends house) and drive the 1 huge block to where they were.

They were all okay but a bit shaken up. My sister got burns on both insides of her arms from where the airbag deployed. My niece hurt her hand and knee. Taylor and his friend were a bit shaken up but seemed okay.

Basically they had turned right and a car come blazing down the street and didn't brake or anything. Got them in the side of the car..made my sisters car run into a huge irrigation pipe and water was going everywhere. The horn of her car keep going off. The fireman came over and cut the horn.

I took my sister and niece to the after hours clinic right after the accident. They are bruised up and Jordan may have a hairline fracture to her hand. The radiology has to read the x-rays today but they put her wrist in a brace just to make sure.

All in all they were all very lucky that their injuries were not worse. It's a real reality check of my own driving and being more aware of what's around me. Now you can't always stay away from people driving like bats out of hell down the street but I guess it just raises your awareness level......

Glad your okay family!!! Hope your car fares well.......

Friday, September 29, 2006


Okay are you doing the FRIDAY dance people? Whoo Hoooo!!!!

So what are your plans this weekend internet friends? I seriously can't stand living in this pig sty anymore. It's major cleaning time. I'm going to full throttle after work and even if I have to stay up all night....will get this house organized....

Also it's my Father in Laws birthday. Any ideas on what to get him?

Okay don't talk too much without me internet friends.....I"ll be back soon......also any tips on how to clean and organize my house in a whole weekend will be appreciated!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big Cousin Little Cousin

I don't have time to do a real post and I'm leaving you with some funny photos to tide you over. Enjoy !

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's all your fault internet!!!

Yeah it's all your fault that my house is a mess and I just can't get it together. People will say to me "Now that your working outside the home you have your house back" WRONG PEOPLE it's just wrong. It's more of a sty then ever. Now it's all of our stuff. I can't blame it on the daycare kiddos.

On my one day off a week I really try and limit web surfing time . Seriously after this weekend I need to stay off here all day. Think I can do it? I still check my e-mail because it might be the school or something that needs ASAP attention.

Okay so no 8AM!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Disney Horse Land

We went to a BBQ last night at our friends house. They train horses and just have made their home such a comfortable and welcoming place.

They have lots of horses and things to do. Especially if your like my kids and like to find toads, frogs and lizards.

It's a Disneyland for the outdoor horse set!

Here's Lexi thinking she just won the lottery.
You can check out my Flickr Photo Sets for more Saturday night fun!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Okay that's it.....

This whole doorbell ditch thing has gone too they are putting a FOR RENT sign up in my front yard? I get home from work and this is what I come home better watch out now door bell ditchers.....we are onto you.......

Happy Birthday Josh!!

It's our buddy Josh's birthday today. He's turning 4 ! This is an older photo that I had of him at my house doing a craft. He's so funny and has us all wrapped around his finger!!!

Hope you have a super duper birthday Josh !!!

Guess Who's Blogging Now?

It's my boy Wolfie. He's started a reptile blog and is really excited to show everyone his pets. Even if it might gross you out!! LOL

So go and check it out here .

Monday, September 18, 2006

He's the Amazing 15....

Yes people I said 15....the big 15.....We went to the new TGIF's restaurant to celebrate. The place is obviously half owned by Jack Daniels cause everything on the menu had some JD in or on it.

Taylor had taken some of his friends to Scandia the night before and raced the cars, lazer tag and mimi golf. They had a blast.

Happy Birthday Ta-Ta Merde !!! LOL (Lexi's nick name for Tay)

Check out FLICKR photos for more Jack Daniels fun...I mean TGIF's fun...for some reason I can't post more than one or two photos here at my blog.

Do you have Envy ?

Do you have a case of the Envy? I went to Massage Envy today for their trial massage. It was $39 plus a gratutity for an hour massage. I was pretty impressed with how clean and serene the place was. The table felt great, was heated and the blankets they use very comfy!!

It was a nice massage and she did just what I asked her to do. Sometimes massage therapist's can hurt you. Not really the good hurt. When they hit a muscle that's all knoted up and WOW you know your going to feel it tomorrow. She did a great job. I didn't get thrashed to bad and could still run toTarget after the massage without looking like the thing from the deep. I did have a round mark on my face from where I had to put my face on the massage table. That went away fairly soon.

All In all I had a nice experience. I can get bad 3 day headaches sometimes. I think that the next time I get one of those I might try it. They have specialist's that just work on head cases....LOL

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sat Ice Cream Sundaes!!!

We had ice cream sundaes last night after dinner. Rob and Lexi went to band practice
and when they got back we had a total sugar high!!! Check out FLICKR sets for more
ice cream fun!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

How cute are they?

I got this from his MySPACE page. How cute a couple do they make?

Friday Night Fun

Last night was a double bonus night!! I got to spend some time with sweet baby Kendall. She was a little freaked out when she woke up from her nap and a lady in all black was staring at her over her crib. It didn't take long for her to learn the PEEK. She's a really sweet and easy baby and I hadn't had a baby fix for quite some time. TAM--Your assignment this week is to take some photos of Ken in her purple BUMBO seat!!! I know the girls would want to see that!!!
Then we moved onto the next part of the night. Bunco dinner out with the girls . We have been playing bunco for about 6 years now. Mostly all the same group of gals. A few have moved away but for the most part the same group this whole time. So three time a year now we skip our bunco night and do a birthday girls dinner out. It's lots of fun and we have some serious personal shoppers in our group so the bounty is wonderful!! It's hard to know what's better...the bounty or the friendship!!! With the birthday bunco club you will never get a bag of scented poppourri again for your birthday !!! LOL

The best thing about my bunco friends is that they humor me. They let me be silly and strange and go off on tangents. They don't laugh when the waitress comes around and ask's for the drink order and I say "I will have a cherry pepsi with real grenadine please" So my fine taste for a nice glass of wine has never developed. Do they care? No.....They rock...can't imagine not being around them ! Each of us bring something special to the group and without all of us together the circle would not close. Okay so I'm PMS and woke up emotional today. I should just stop.....
Okay but don't you guys stop.....check out my Flickr photos for photos from last night's peek a boo night!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things that make me happy......

Rob took this photo of me last night in bed. See the glowing Apple Logo? Yes! that logo makes me happy. There are no right clicks, dos or c drive stuff going on. It's all plug and play baby!

Getting out of Kitty's after a hair cut and color!! It never looks the same once you leave Kitty's domain. DARN IT!!!!

Okay there are many other things that make me happy. This is the first of thousands of post's about what makes me it's time for you blogging girls to post what makes you happy......go on....stop reading blogs....seriously...go blog.....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hey Willlll

Yeah Boogie

I did it....

I won......

hahahahahahahaha Rock on MB!!!!

Dutch Boy going strong!!!!

I can't wait to see the hairdresser on Wed. My Dutch Boy hairdo is back with a vengeance and WOW is it horrible right now. There's no real flip and my roots are blacker than black. I watched some home video of myself on Christmas morning about 7 years ago and could hardly recognize myself. Who was that girl with the somewhat long curly dark brown hair?

Don't you love looking back on Christmas morning holiday footage by the way? In your nightgown, no bra and sleep lines still on your face? Makes for one pretty girl. All that was missing was my good old dependable Dutch Boy. Okay note to self: Get new PJ's for Christmas morning.

Tonight is a big night for our family. Big Brother 7 All Stars is ending. I think Boogie is going to win. I get really attached to TV shows and have a hard time when one season ends. The upside is that The Office and Survivor are starting soon.

Lexi started piano lessons and it's so cute. She's super quiet and a little unsure during her lesson and that's super cute. The teacher likes the parent to come in with the child and sit there during the lesson. That way I can help Lexi during the week at practicing what Cory taughter her (Us). I'm having slight hyperventilation at this cause I'm remembering taking piano as a kid. I would never practice and then feel horrible walking up the steps to next weeks lesson knowing I didn't practice. That's the great thing about having can go back and make it all better through them!!! Cory is going to be so proud of me (I mean Lexi) next week!!

Tune in on Wed and check out my new do. Hopefully it will be flipping all over the place and my roots will be back to their natural color. :-) Ciao!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Is this AMAZING ?

I just found this at Sam's Club. I know I may be a bit behind the times. It last's for 30 days and does not need to be in the fridge. It's the little things that make my happy!!!

Introducing......No Name

Wolfie went to the 9th Annual Reptile Show this last weekend and the $$ was just burning a hold in his pocket for another reptile. After going back and forth between a snake (sorry sister) or a poison dart frog....he went for a Chameleon. (Thank the Lord above NO SNAKE)

So this is a little 4-5 week old female and I have to admit that she's just the cutest thing ever. Her eyes roll all around the place and she already throws her tongue out to catch the crickets that we feed her.

Isn't she cute?

Seriously....All 4 Teeth......

That Lexi's lost have finally come to their demise from her big brother. You would think she would know what was coming at this point...but the sweet little girl she is goes up to him and shows him how loose it is....then's gone forever!!! LOL

What a funny big brother memory to have when you grow up......I think Wolfie feels it's his mission now to knock them all out!!!

Walk to Cure Diabetes

I'm posting this for my sister in law Karen.....

September 3, 2006

Dear family and friends,

As many of you already know our son Brett was diagnosed at age 11 with Asperger’s syndrome. Our walk through life is often a difficult one. That walk became even more difficult last August when Brett was diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile diabetes and our lives were changed forever.

When I told Brett there are people working toward a cure he began telling me in moments of frustration, “I hope they get a cure soon, Mom.” or, “My life will never be normal with diabetes, Mom. When will they find a cure?” Brett must take up to 4-5 shots a day in order to survive. His Asperger’s has definitely been a challenge but it’s the diabetes that he sees as ruining his life.

This is why on Sunday October 8th our family will join in the Walk to Cure Diabetes hosted by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We will be joining 500,000 walkers across the country to raise over $80,000,000.

Type 1 diabetes and Brett’s rare form is a life threatening disease that effects millions of people- many of them children. And, there is no way to prevent these types of diabetes - or even to predict which child will develop them next.

But there is good news. For the first time scientists are predicting that we can expect to see a cure within our lifetime. The sooner the better as far as we’re concerned.

This is why I’m writing to you today. Our team, Brett’s Walking Wonders, has a personal goal of $5,000. You donation to JDRF, even a few dollars, can make a life changing difference in Brett’s life and millions of other children. Please help us in making a cure a reality.

Thank you so much for your support, prayers and kind wishes for our family and especially for Brett. Below you will find information on how to donate or even join our team.

Many heartfelt thanks in advance for your help.

Most Gratefully,

Karen Emigh

P.S. Please use the enclosed envelope to return your donations to us by October 1, 2006. Just make the check payable to JDRF and mail to our address at: 1485 Ingrid Drive, Dixon Ca 95620. If you would like to donate online instead please visit my walk page at:

Friday, September 08, 2006


As I sit here in my kitchen with my laptop and my Starbucks Ice Cold Double Shot I'm trying to wake up. I need to get in the shower but Rob's still in there.

I love the big window in my kitchen cause I can keep an eye on the world out there. Yeah some might call it spying and being nosey....I prefer to think of it as a Neighborhood Watch. You know that thing the local cops set up in neighborhoods.

So as I sit here I see my paper boy and his sister pull up. She's about 10 and he's about 14. She's got the big rig on and is holding all the papers. My first thought is NICE big brother making his little sister carry all the papers.

Then I see her throw a paper up in my yard. It lands in the sprinklers.

She says "I'll go and get it" She gets off her bike and gets the wet one.

I hear him say "Give them a brand new one that's not wet"

So she gets a new one out and sits it on the front portch. She then goes back to her bike and gets on and they ride off. I can hear him coaching her on the way to deliver papers (cause he's really loud) and telling her the right way to deliver to our house. Porch and not wet.

I think it's really sweet that he takes his job so serious. There should be more 14 year olds like this. This is why I tip him a small little fortune when he comes around to ask for payment!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

And then there were two.....

So it's Ho-Erika and Boogie left..the final two.....what do you think about that?

I was checking out You Tube and there are a ton of funny videos that people have made from the live feeds and the photo still shots. Check out some here at

So do you think that Will and Janie are the real deal?

School Photos

Okay I know there are more important things to stress over....but there are school photos today. Since I have two kids I really like them to somewhat match in their clothing selections since I hang the photos next to each other. It's a very strange little thing I do. They don't have to match like a Kelly's Kids or Fresh Produce type of thing. I mean they are a boy and a girl and 5 1/2 years apart in age. I just like the color selections to kind of go somewhat together.

The outfits I have for the kids just are not working out. I'm not happy and If I could magically open the mall right now I might just go in!!! I hung them in the hall last night and all night I felt like they were laughing at me.

HAHA We don't match...what are you going to do? HAHA

Okay so we all have our little issues right? What are your weird and strange issues?

Let's just hope that they smile right for the camera!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Poor Chloe.....

Okay so for you lovers of cats out there don't get your feathers all ruffled. My nephew actually loves the cat and my son thought it was be a funny photo shoot!!! Come on admit's a little cats got hurt in the taking of this photo.....

My sweet little girl....

Or is it? Time for a haircut Buddy!!! LOL Thanks to my niece Jordan for the amazing hairdo.


Okay he's gone. It wasn't pretty. At least for me it wasn't. I'm getting a cold. (CAN'T MISS WORK) So last night I took some Tylenol Cold PM's. I took them too early in the evening and then my family went out for a walk. So that really messed up my cold meds and watching BB7. I had the remote and the kids kept saying MOM as I groggily looked at them and said "WHAT?"

So it was a good thing I was half out of it. My Will is gone. I didn't have a crush-mance on him but more of a respect that he really played the game and the people on it. Janelle and Erike got smart finally and did what they needed to do a long time ago. Broke up Chill Town. Part of me really didn't want that to happen. Janelle's an amazing player and can really win the HOH and POV's so right now I'm gunning for her to win. Mike Boogie did play the game well but honestly the way he romantically played Erika made me a little sick to my stomach. He wasn't just flirting with her like Will was with Janelle. I hope that when they interview Erika we find out she was just playing him!! If she's got a brain cell in her head she will realize that Boogie was just a player for Wills game.

So what do you think fans? Who's gonna win it? My top pick is Janella right now.

Thanks Smuckers......

I want to send a shout out to the Smuckers people. THANKS!!! My little first grader is one of the pickiest eaters around. If she could mainline Doritos into her veins she would. Make sure you have a pepsi shooter for her to wach them down with.

She loves just peanut butter on white bread. So imagine my surprise when at my local Wally World and I see these in the freezer. If you have ever packed a lunch for your kids for more than 3 weeks you know how hard it is to switch it up.....I grabbed these and may have pushed someone out of the way to get this box...LOL

Anyone have any advice for picky eaters? ????

My View of the View

Okay so who watched Rosie on her View debut? I watched it in the afteroon and honestly I never really watched the show before. I would rather be on the net instead of watching morning tv. I really don't think it's Rosie's thing. She really just needed her own show back. I'm a huge fan of Rosie and have been for quite a while. I actually cried on the day her show ended. (Ask my nephew Taylor he was there and saw the blubbering)

With all four host's talking at the same time and then there is the it's like a Type A's heaven for a tv sow. Rosie is going to have a hard time just being a little quiet and letting her co-host's chat.

It will be interesting to see how long she last's on what did you guys think?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wolfie's Little Pet

Aw isn't he cute? LOL His name is Stryker and he's a real player!!! LOL I just went for the Bloger Beta and I'm still trying it out. Not sure how it's going to work but I don't think I can post comments on any other blogs unless you have also signed up for Blogger Beta...I will try it tonight and see if it works....

Friday, September 01, 2006


So do any of you watch Windfall? I know that Vick and Stac do.....I finally watched the TIVO of last night's show. Was that the summer season finale? The above photo isn't from last night but it's what started all this.....the end of last night's show was pretty good...flashing back to all that has happened......

Will Kirby MySpace....

I think these came up pretty small...but check out Will Kirby's My Space page and these are so funny!!! They had fans send them in.

Okay I totally don't get my space...what's the big deal?


Happy Friday and THREE day weekend everyone!!!

I know that my blog's gotten a bit into the obsessive mode....but I'm really into BB7 right now. Last night was intense and we got to say goodbye to Dani and CG. So now it's the final 4 and who knows what's going to happen....think they will add someone else to the mix???

Some photos for Friday!!!

Look at that smile....nothing like being a kid and riding your bike!!!

My sweet pear-pear kitty!!! Her name is Paris and she's a real sweetie!!!

He's a big jump man and likes to push it!!! LOL

Last but not least...Chloe...she's big and likes to be big....