Sunday, July 10, 2005

Basketball and Chris Isaak

What an exhausting weekend. It started Saturday morning getting up at 6AM so that we can leave
for a basketball tourney. Then there were 4 straight hours of basketball. We won the first two games,
lost the 3rd and then lost by 1 point on the last game. It was one of the best tourney's we have been in.
I was so proud of the way Wolfie played even if he gave the other team black eyes from "ripping" the ball!!! :-) Here is him and Justin waiting for the free throw to go.

Then we left from there and drove almost 3 hours to to see a concert.Thanks to everyone who took care of the kids for us this weekend. It was nice to NOT have to think about anyone else but oursevles for a day! It was Chris Isaak. We had no clue who was opening for him and was very pleased to hear that Minnie Driver opened the concert and what a nice voice she has. Very funny and mellow.

Then it was time to rock with Chris for a few hours. After the concert they come out and sign stuff and just walk around the
crowd chatting with the fans. It was a great night!! This was the 3rd time we have seen him and he's a funny guy!!! He's also worn the same mirror suit at the end of each concert. He also ran out in the crowd and was about 2 seats from us and you could see his face clear as day. Sure is cute!!!

We stayed right on the lake at Clear Lake and
woke up to sit on our porch while the guys went and fetched mocha's!!! We stopped at in Williams on the way home and had the BEST lunch!!!
If you ever head up I-5 be sure to stop at the place and eat!!! YUMMY!!! Thanks to our
friends for letting us into their best keep secret in Williams!!

Got home and it was great to see the kiddos. Although I went and took a nap right away. Still feeling lazy and with a horse voice from the basketball game and concert. Back to the grind on Monday....I will post more photos when I get them.

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