Sunday, July 24, 2005

Camp's over!!!

Justin, TJ and Wolfie on the court

Wolfie is right in the middle of the photo.

Well we survived basketball camp...barely. When we got up there on Thursday evening for parents night Wolfie had gotten a flu bug and had a fever and been throwing up. Poor buddy!!! A bug combined with how hot it was and he was feeling pretty lousy. We took him home that night and let him get better. He rested and felt better to go up on Saturday and finish up the last day of camp. Right now he says he is never going back again cause he's afraid he will get sick like that again!! We told him that he will forget all about it and be ready to "hit it hard" next summer. Time will tell!!! :-) Wolfie missed us lots and I think that and being sick did not help out the whole camp experience. He's got 5th grade camp coming up in October so hopefully he will have a super time that week!!!

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