Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is summer almost over?

Well for us goes back the second week of August!!! Can you hear me shouting YEAH!!!?????? My 10 year old is going away next week to sleep away basketball camp for 5 nights. Am I nervous? Not really....I just want to make sure that he is able to keep his stuff together , be organized and have fun. I have never really been one of those overly nervous moms. I try to give him a long leash to try new things and experience things . Now that I'm the "parent" I realize what a balance it is to watch over your own kids, keep them safe and still let them explore. To me learning how to be independent is important and to take care of one's self is a lesson I'm trying to teach my kids. I never really felt that I could take care of myself entirely and at 37 still feel that way a bit. I guess we are always trying to still grow up right?

My baby is going to kindergarten this year. Am I sad? Not really. Maybe a little bit since I know she's our last one. I was never that mom that sobbed when her kids went to school or went off on their own for the first time to try something new. If my kids are able to hold their head high and walk through those school doors I feel happy for them. Of course what mom does not want a break when their kids go to school? I'm sure on that first day you will find me and the peeps down at the local coffee bar commiserating on how summer is over and how to get into the school mode. Once school starts it's all about school, soccer, early getting up, packing snacks, homework, holidays, PTO meetings, getting dark early, cooler weather.....and that's all good with me....well except the homework part!!!

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Donna said...

I can't get used to all these places that start and end the school year early. We just started our summer! I don't even want to think about back to school yet (although I did have to go to a PTA planning meeting last night, so some of us are... :sigh:)