Friday, August 05, 2005

Carmel, LV and Beach fun!!!

Okay most of you know I have a strange obsession with purses. Mostly fake purses....there was a day when it was nothing to fork out several hundred (Or just charge it back in the day) for the real deal...well now mama has to get the knockoffs. It was still fun to walk into the real deal store and take a deep smell and see the new styles.

We found a cute pizza place and stuffed face!!!

We had a blast at the beach and the kids even got to hand feed the squirrels who looked like they had been hand fed for about 10 years. They were floating off the sand and could hardly move they were so large.

This is at the Carmel Plaza. Notice where my 10 year old chooses to sit? He's so funny!!!

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Donna said...

Carmel/Monterey. Probably my favorite spot in the entire state.