Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lexi's Birthmarks...In Photos

Here's a side photo of Lexi. The under the skin birthmark is on the other side
but you can see where it hangs down.

This was when Lexi was 1 year old. You can see where it's "swollen" and under the folds
of her neck is a flat but very red spot. When she got sick it would swell up even more
and get so hot to the touch you felt horrible for her.

This was when Lexi was almost turning two I think. You can see all the loose skin.

Here is one of her red strawberry marks. See how bright red it is? She had one on the side of her leg, tummy, outside of hand, inside of hand and the top of her head. The only one you can really see these days at age 5 is the one on her tummy. AMAZING that they just shrink up
and the bright red goes away.

Here she is for Halloween when she was 2 or 3. You can see that the skin is starting to shrink up and is not so loose. She was not happy in this photo. Mom wanted to take photos
before going to a party but she wanted nothing to do with that!!!

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