Friday, November 25, 2005

Our Wonderful Thanksgiving.......

Sometimes I go into our Thanksgiving day not knowing what the day will hold. This year was very nice, mellow and best of all everyone got along!

I hosted a brunch at my house and cooked a few dishes. I love strata and found this web site that's loaded with tons of recipe's
from bed & breakfast's all over the USA. They turned out great and my favorite
was the bacon one in the first picture. I used white french bread cut into chunks on the
bottom with green onions, bacon, lots of cheese, half & half and more cheese.

This is a egg strata that uses frozen hash browns instead of bread at the bottom. I made this one really plain because I didn't know if the kids would like the bacon one. It was a little too plain and next time I would add lots more to it. Still yummy!!!

One can't have a nice brunch without fresh crossiants!
Here's my official kids table!!! That's my niece and nephew and my kids! It kind
of freaks me out that the kids are getting so big!! Rob and I started dating
when my niece was still in my sisters tummy....she's almost 17!! It's a nice way
to remind us all how old we are getting!!! LOL :-)

Our family thanksgiving was very nice ! My neighbor from across the street joined us for brunch and it was nice to have a full table to give thanks for!!

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mom-of-3boys said...

yummy, yummy, yummy! Way to go my friend!