Friday, November 25, 2005

T3 Cont........

I found little girl in her room reading and playing for quite sometime by herself.
Notice Paris next to her taking a morning nap!!!

A mans place the kitchen!!! LOL Here's Rob cleaning up after a
wonderful dinner at his parents house. His nephew is 1/2 in the picture also.

Here's the centerpiece at my in laws house. My kids made the pilgrim hats a few years ago
for their grandma. It was a lovely traditional thanksgiving meal and we ate till we
could eat no more. Dessert was 3 pies made by my sister in law and they were yummy!!
The best part of the day for my kids was a German dog that was visiting that only understood German commands.
This is Wolfie on T-morning displaying his Xango!! He loves it so much
I should get him to sell it for us!!! He wanted me to blog him!!

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