Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's she talking about?

Rob and I have a new venture for our family:


Rob, Wolfie and I are all taking this daily. It taste's SUPER and I could drink more than the 1-3 ounces daily that they recommend. With Wolfie's seasonal allergies and skin allergies I'm hoping that this will help him to not have to
take any OTC meds for it. Wolfie loves it also!! (He wanted me to write this!! He could drink a whole bottle)

Xanthones is known for the following:

- polysaccharides in mangosteen contains immune cells which helps in killing bacteria
- preventing virus cells from replicating which in turns prevents from spreading throughout the body
- inhibiting the growth of three common fungi
- controlling the inflammatory conditions in the body

These features of xanthones:

- supports microbiological balance
- promotes flexibility within joints
- provides positive mental support
- prevents dehydration
- prevents loss of essential nutrients in diarrhea sufferers
- relieves the pain helps weight loss and increased energy

There are lots of testimonials out there for cancer benefits and allergies. So this is a new things for us. It can't hurt to try something to keep us healthy right?

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mom-of-3boys said...

Okay, now I get it! Boy, there's alot of big words in that post!! heehee!!