Friday, January 13, 2006


Rob waiting to come in the operating room with me. I love his outfit. I wonder what he must of been thinking.

My little red man.

Rob's Dad holding Wolfie for the first time.

Will he ever forgive me for putting him in the bucket?

When I was on maternity leave I would dress him up and take photo shoots during the day while Rob was at work!!!


Vicki said...

Awww how precious!! I just want to pinch those cute little cheeks!!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

He was too cute! Amazing that 11 years have gone by, isn't it? Your last photo is so funny b/c I would do the same thing with all of my boys. We'd do photo shoots all day long. I even dressed Mahlon in a dress, complete with the headband, etc. that someone had given me as a gift. He would have made a beautiful girl! Talk about will he ever forgive me?!