Saturday, January 28, 2006

Basketball is my favorite sport.....

We like it when they dribble up and down the court!!! LOL The Sasquatch's played their second game today and played great. It's so fun watching them out there having fun and doing their best!!! Wolfie is #21 and with the black and white striped shoes. These are not the best gym photos.....but it's something..... :-) Rob's co-coaching and brought the icy hot today but didn't have to use it. LOL

Here's our team flag!!!

I wonder what the coach is telling them?

Run Wolfie RUN!!! Pack Em under the basket!!!


mom-of-3boys said...

Love the Sasquatch flag! I think Lexi needs a cheerleader outfit! And, LOVED the packs Wolfman had on..."the other team"

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

I agree with Trina...we need to get Lexi and maybe Lauren cheer outfits and flags!! Good game yesterday. I get far too stressed out though and ended up with a horrible headache!