Friday, January 06, 2006

Just kicking it....

We are home and the kids are just kicking it. Wolfie has Justin over for some evil fun......Not sure what that means but it looks like they are planning something.......LOL

Chloe has found a hiding spot from the dogs. They were in the backyard all week so the cats had the house to themselves. Chloe finds dogs to be totally disgusting creatures and will find any excuse to tuck herself away.

Lexi's getting her fix of cable TV. They were at my sisters house all week and they don't have cable. Oh the SHAME!!!! Lexi's been in heaven all day today !!! I'm happy to oblidge !!! They did have fun weaving baskets and making homemade butter at my sisters house. I think my brother in law may have taught them to make marionettes!! LOL hahaha

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