Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Jordan !

One of the most fun times in my life was when my niece was born 17 years ago today. Once the colic passed it was like having a little doll. I could dress her, do her hair and play with her. I was a ROCK STAR to her and when Rob and I came home from San Luis Obispo I could not get home fast enough to see her.

She's turning into a fine young lady and I'm so proud of her.

Lexi and her "Tay-Tay Poopie". It's been her nickname for her since I don't know when. She loves Taylor and is very silly
around him!!!


Vicki said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! 17, WOW!
Hope you have a great day and your Aunt spoils you!

mom-of-3boys said...

Oh my gosh...17! She is a very sweet 17 year old! Hard to believe she's almost out of high school!! Hope you had a great b'day dinner!