Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Locks of Love

Well Lexi did it....got her hair cut.I would of loved to play with it all the time, blow dry it, braid it....but she just wanted to wear it straight and non brushed. Some days she looks like she lives in a van....... down by the river. (Ode to SNL) It looks so cute in a bob and it was for
a very nice cause http://www.locksoflove.org/.

If you go to a participating salon you get your haircut for free (Not including the tip) and they send in the hair with a form. Kind of nice that you don't have to mail it in yourself.

Lexi is also working on a girl scouts badge for being friendly, helpful and kind. This will help her get the badge for being kind. You can check out the slideshow here :


Hope that everyone has a super nice Valentines Day today. Just to set the record straight I did tell my hubby NOT TO GET me flowers or diamonds today.(Like I had a cold chance in hades of getting diamonds) I just want the backyard landscaped and the free compost dirt manure covered up. That's my gift from him to me....what am I getting him? Well I'm going to let him make dinner tonight....that's my gift to him and the kids....since my cooking lately has been less than stellar. :-) Please keep my husband in mind when cooking in large portions. LOL

Also going on today our cat Paris is getting spayed. Isn't that a nice way to say "I love you " to our kitty? The Thomas O'Mally's in our hood won't be so happy but oh well.

See ya soon!!!!


Vicki said...

OMG! Love the bob!!!! Lexi looks so cute! Such a great cause too! Good job Lexi! Sharing a little love on Valentines Day. I can not believe how long those pony tails are! Amazing.

Mom2DraBrittGunn said...

I love her hair...what a DOLL... She should be so PROUD of herself for doing such a KIND thing!