Wednesday, March 15, 2006


6 years ago today I was in the hospital holding my new baby girl. Amazed at what the human body can actually do and that I had done it for a second time. What was I thinking? Lexi's birth was fairly cut and dry except for the part where the epidural wore off. I still remember the evil nurse Anna telling me just push about her upping the epidural and not telling me to push ! Not having another c-section was great in so many ways. We were sitting at the sushi bar two days later and amazed. With Wolfie's c-section I was in pain for about 2 weeks after. We were living in a two story condo at the time of Wolfie's birth and Rob was just DONE with bringing me food and drinks as I sat in my princess bed with my new son!

Lexi's a funny girl. She can be so quite and shy at school but at home watch out. Be sure not to make her mad. She will get her guitar out and make up a song. She's really the next Alanis Morissette. She's got the rock and roll shirts to prove it. She's got a real idea about what she wants to wear on a daily basis and is not shy about voicing her opinions about fashion. She's always been into arts and crafts. She's loved to paint from the age of one and will make the biggest messes around with all her crafts. She's got more stuffed animals than one girl should ever have....she plays with each and every one of them. If we could get her to clean up the messes she makes we would be fine! :-)

She loves her big brother so much. I remember when she was a baby her laughing at him and his funny faces and noises. She even realizes that she can't do everything he does, since he's 11, and that really makes her mad. When he plays with her it's like she won the lottery!! With him being sick lately she's been so sweet to him. She even ask's her class at school to pray for him at the end of the day. Since they can't pray at school....they made him a get well card and all the kindergarteners signed it for him. She even raided her friends kitchen telling the mom that her brother was sick and could she take these snacks home for him?

One thing I love about Lexi is the hand hold. Ever since she started to walk I would just put my hand down to hold hers. No matter if it was crossing the street or walking on a busy sidewalk she would always take mine. Even to this day I just put my hand down by my side and she takes it. I just love that about resistance and always willing to take moms hand.






Vicki said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lexi Lu! We hope you have a super fun day! We look forward to the photo montage. Have fun!

Bahama Mama said...

Hey Lex-HAPPY B-DAY I think you look about 15 in this photo. Have a GREAT day!!

Donna said...

Happy birthday to your little girl!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

Happy Birthday Lex!! Hope you had a great day!!