Monday, March 13, 2006

Back from the Doctor.......

We went to a AWESOME doctor today. He's a pediatric infectious disease specialist and spent almost 2 hours with us. He feels that Wolfie's prognosis is great and seeing Wolfie made him feel much better about his situation. Wolfie looked pretty good today. Even though he had just taken a 3 hour nap before we left for the doctor. Per Wolfie's blood work he's had a strep infection somewhere in his body that was never treated 3-4 weeks ago. It was never caught cause his throat cultures all came back NEG. So now his body is in overdrive trying to treat the old strep (even though it's going or gone already) hence the fevers and on-going symptoms.

He would like to do a bone scan

Maybe also a white blood cell scan

If there is an absess somewhere in his body that could very well be causing the infection and the body to be fighting so hard right now. He said it's also a good idea to see the dentist in case there may be a mouth absess. There will be more blood work in the upcoming week. He did stress that he's NOT contagious at this point and can go back to school if he's up to it. We are going to try for mini days and see how he's feeling. I think it would do him good to be back with his peeps and back in the groove.

He gave us lots of info and will also refer us to a rheumatologist. Here's what they do:

At this point they really want to cross every T and dot every I to make sure that Wolfie's okay. He's still a little worried why even with the prescribed apririn therapy he's still got a low grade fever going on. Wolfie's also on penicillian to help with any infection. All in all we felt really good about the visit today and are hoping we can put all this behind us soon!!! Please keep up the prayers for us and Wolfie!! I think it's really working!!!

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Vicki said...

Sounds like the mystery is getting close to being solved. I hope he has fun going back to school. That is exciting! Don't go to fast! We will still be thinking about him, hope he gets back to 100% in no time! Thanks for keeping us updated.