Sunday, March 05, 2006

Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance

Rob took his little girl out on the town last night. Well to the Girl Scouts Dance. I think they had fun and went with Anna Grace and her daddy.

Hey Anna Grace let's go for a deer ride before the dance!

AG and her Daddy!!! AKA Pink Flip Flop Guy

Daisy Girl Scouts and Friends!

She's such a goof ball. I have no clue where she gets it from.......right after this
shot she almost knocked Rob over!! LOL


mom-of-3boys said...

Aawww...too sweet!! Look how adorable the girls are!!! And, pink flip flop guy...did Jimmy take that title from Fogey???

Vicki said...

Cute pictures! I heard they took a deer for a ride! How fun!

E. said...

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