Friday, March 24, 2006

TGIF Update


What a long week it's been. Wolfie started two different meds this week. Prednisone (steroid) and Omnicef (antibiotic) is what's on the menu this week. I guess when your on the Prednisone it shuts your immune system down. That's what Wolfie doc's want since it's been in overdrive with the prolonged fevers, rash, joint and muscle pain. Since it does shut your immune system down it can also open it up to other infections. So that's why the Omnicef is also on the menu.

I think he's actually feeling better since starting the new meds. I think he's legs feel better but he says his wrist's still hurt. He's also been pretty crabby at times and sooooooo itchy. We were up at 2AM last night putting Benedryl anti itch cream on his legs and arms. He said he wanted to just cut his skin off so it wouldn't itch anymore. Plus the meds have made him not sleepy at night so he feels like he just tosses and turns all night. His fevers have been gone since Tuesday afternoon. He may have been a bit warm on Wednesday but not like before.

The true test is when we come off the meds this weekend. If all the symptoms come back then it's on to see the Rheumatologist. We are just praying that it's not the case. We are all ready to get back to our normal routine of school, work and play!! The last basketball game of the season is Saturday and we will all be there to cheer the team on!! We were hoping that Wolfie would be able to play a bit but I'm not sure that will happen!! Go Yetis!!

He's got a great teacher coming out from the school district to help him one on one. Our plan is to keep him at home even next week, work with the teacher one on one and be totally caught up when he goes back the first week of April. I would of liked to send him back this upcoming Monday but since it's still cold/flu/weird virus season I will keep him home to get his weight/strength back up.

So that's the Friday scoop from here. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has asked or offered help during this time. It's very appreciated!!! :-)


Vicki said...

Wow. You guys have been through so much! I hope Wolfie's new menu items do the trick! I am so glad he will be all caught up with school by the time he goes back! That is one less thing to worry about. Go Yeti's!!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

Get well soon Wolfie! Everyone misses you terribly, especially your bud Connor! Call if you need anything Steph and I hope Wolfie's back before the "first week of AUGUST!" ha ha

Java Mom..... said...

DUH I meant the first week of APRIL!!!! See I really do need a girls night out!!! LOL