Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wolfie's got a friend.....

His name is Chompers and he came back home to live with us. I was at a point about a year and a half ago and sent him to live with Chase and Tam. I was just DONE with buying crickets and taking care of him. Yes I know what your thinking...if it's Wolfie's animal why am I taking care of them? Well unless you want the little buggers to not drink water for weeks on end you have to check on them !!! Yeah I'm just a sucker!!!

Chase was recently DONE with Chompers and we took him back. I actually missed the little fellow. Geckos are really easy to care for and don't require lots of work. Well except buying crickets on a weekly basis. Now for some of you that's too much work or the thought of buying crickets is disgusting. Well my kid loves animals so much it's hard to say no when he begs me for animals. Now Lexi's jonesing for a Gecko!!! Maybe Santa will bring one!!!

If your kids an reptile/ animal freak and your in Berkeley be sure to stop by the East Bay Vivarium sometime. The place is totally cool and the animals they have there for sale are amazing. Even though it's a store people just go there to see the animals. Trust me it's worth the trip down there. Plus right close by is 4th Street with lots of shops and fun places to eat.

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