Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A different direction.......

Okay so for some reason I can't post any photos on Blogger today...so I will post some of them on my Flickr pages. School's back in session and our family is loving being back on schedule. Rob's reading to Lexi at night...or helping her read. She's doing great but still wants us to read everything for her. Mornings getting her up and ready for school are tough. She's a sleepy head and even with going to bed early still does NOT want to get up in the mornings. Also the clothes....what a diva I have a created!!! She's so picky and it's got to be just the right item of clothing for it to grace her body for the day.

Wolfie is doing his math and we mostly have no clue on how to help him with any of it. He's really excited to hae a male teacher this year and we think it's going to be great. He's feeling much better and is trying to remember to take his preventative meds each day. I can see certain things about him getting more "manly" and there are times that I can say I really enjoy him as a person. He makes me laugh and it's really hard to stay mad at him. I know the horrible teenage years are ahead of me but I'm hoping humor will carry us though.

My fav night's are Monday and Tuesday cause Rob's got no church band stuff going on and we have family nights. I'm making it sound all dreamy but it's just nice to be together and a family unit. Although we had a rockin summer being back on a schedule makes us all feel much better. We now have a place to be and a purpose. Especially me. I'm venturing back out into the workforce!! It's part time while the kids are in school and the opportunites for expanding later on are great. It's what I used to do before kids and I have the experience. I'm nervous and excited at the same time!!! I really appreciate my friends helping me with my kids till I get my normal schedule. :-) You guys ROCK!!!

For the last 9 years I ran a in home daycare. It was great and I mostly watched kids my own kids ages....no infants....that made it a little easier. When my son got sick this last spring I was trying to juggle watching kids mostly in the afternoon after school was out. Between all his doctor appointments and his days where he was really sick I just could not juggle watching kids and taking care of my own sick kid. OH yeah and homeschooling him and still taking his sister to school. Plus the house and animals and everything else that I still had to do. I took him out of school, took care of him and gave my daycare parents notice. It was a really hard thing to do. I had became friends with my daycare families. Their kids were part of our family.

I won't lie and say that everyday that I watched kids was a breeze. Some days were challenging and everyone was going in different directions. There were days where my own kids needed me more than I could give them the attention. I had to learn to multi task and take care of lots of things at a time. They learned that sometimes they had to wait for their mom. Truth be told daycare was a gift to my family. I have made lifelong friends and my kids have also. I don't always see my past daycare kids but the memories that we take with us are priceless. I was able to stay home and raise my kids and give them lots of educational benefits. I did preschool when Wolfie was little and lots of arts and crafts with Lexi. Between the field trips, moms club activities, park days, playgroups, library we got out and were very active! We have lots of fun times doing all the things that most parents don't want to do at their own homes...playdough, fingerpaint, shaving creme, slime and goo!!

I knew that once I got sick of finding playdough in my carpet that I would be done with daycare. My son got sick and it just seemed like a sign....like playdough in the carpet. I am moving on with another phase in my life. It's weird and freaky....but I look forward to seeing how it's all going to turn out.


LaFlor said...

i am so glad for you!! it'll all work out ;)

family nights are fun... i loved when my host family had them.. too bad my own family doesn't. but i'll definitely pick up on this tradition.

Vicki said...

Good luck on your new adventure! Your family is lucky to have such a great Mom. Family night is awesome! Good luck! I am always around if you need anything!