Monday, September 18, 2006

Do you have Envy ?

Do you have a case of the Envy? I went to Massage Envy today for their trial massage. It was $39 plus a gratutity for an hour massage. I was pretty impressed with how clean and serene the place was. The table felt great, was heated and the blankets they use very comfy!!

It was a nice massage and she did just what I asked her to do. Sometimes massage therapist's can hurt you. Not really the good hurt. When they hit a muscle that's all knoted up and WOW you know your going to feel it tomorrow. She did a great job. I didn't get thrashed to bad and could still run toTarget after the massage without looking like the thing from the deep. I did have a round mark on my face from where I had to put my face on the massage table. That went away fairly soon.

All In all I had a nice experience. I can get bad 3 day headaches sometimes. I think that the next time I get one of those I might try it. They have specialist's that just work on head cases....LOL

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