Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dutch Boy going strong!!!!

I can't wait to see the hairdresser on Wed. My Dutch Boy hairdo is back with a vengeance and WOW is it horrible right now. There's no real flip and my roots are blacker than black. I watched some home video of myself on Christmas morning about 7 years ago and could hardly recognize myself. Who was that girl with the somewhat long curly dark brown hair?

Don't you love looking back on Christmas morning holiday footage by the way? In your nightgown, no bra and sleep lines still on your face? Makes for one pretty girl. All that was missing was my good old dependable Dutch Boy. Okay note to self: Get new PJ's for Christmas morning.

Tonight is a big night for our family. Big Brother 7 All Stars is ending. I think Boogie is going to win. I get really attached to TV shows and have a hard time when one season ends. The upside is that The Office and Survivor are starting soon.

Lexi started piano lessons and it's so cute. She's super quiet and a little unsure during her lesson and that's super cute. The teacher likes the parent to come in with the child and sit there during the lesson. That way I can help Lexi during the week at practicing what Cory taughter her (Us). I'm having slight hyperventilation at this cause I'm remembering taking piano as a kid. I would never practice and then feel horrible walking up the steps to next weeks lesson knowing I didn't practice. That's the great thing about having kids....you can go back and make it all better through them!!! Cory is going to be so proud of me (I mean Lexi) next week!!

Tune in on Wed and check out my new do. Hopefully it will be flipping all over the place and my roots will be back to their natural color. :-) Ciao!!!

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