Friday, September 08, 2006


As I sit here in my kitchen with my laptop and my Starbucks Ice Cold Double Shot I'm trying to wake up. I need to get in the shower but Rob's still in there.

I love the big window in my kitchen cause I can keep an eye on the world out there. Yeah some might call it spying and being nosey....I prefer to think of it as a Neighborhood Watch. You know that thing the local cops set up in neighborhoods.

So as I sit here I see my paper boy and his sister pull up. She's about 10 and he's about 14. She's got the big rig on and is holding all the papers. My first thought is NICE big brother making his little sister carry all the papers.

Then I see her throw a paper up in my yard. It lands in the sprinklers.

She says "I'll go and get it" She gets off her bike and gets the wet one.

I hear him say "Give them a brand new one that's not wet"

So she gets a new one out and sits it on the front portch. She then goes back to her bike and gets on and they ride off. I can hear him coaching her on the way to deliver papers (cause he's really loud) and telling her the right way to deliver to our house. Porch and not wet.

I think it's really sweet that he takes his job so serious. There should be more 14 year olds like this. This is why I tip him a small little fortune when he comes around to ask for payment!!!

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