Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Okay he's gone. It wasn't pretty. At least for me it wasn't. I'm getting a cold. (CAN'T MISS WORK) So last night I took some Tylenol Cold PM's. I took them too early in the evening and then my family went out for a walk. So that really messed up my cold meds and watching BB7. I had the remote and the kids kept saying MOM as I groggily looked at them and said "WHAT?"

So it was a good thing I was half out of it. My Will is gone. I didn't have a crush-mance on him but more of a respect that he really played the game and the people on it. Janelle and Erike got smart finally and did what they needed to do a long time ago. Broke up Chill Town. Part of me really didn't want that to happen. Janelle's an amazing player and can really win the HOH and POV's so right now I'm gunning for her to win. Mike Boogie did play the game well but honestly the way he romantically played Erika made me a little sick to my stomach. He wasn't just flirting with her like Will was with Janelle. I hope that when they interview Erika we find out she was just playing him!! If she's got a brain cell in her head she will realize that Boogie was just a player for Wills game.

So what do you think fans? Who's gonna win it? My top pick is Janella right now.

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