Friday, October 06, 2006

Good TV Night & Blog Secret

I was going to take a photo of our pizza picnic last night but I was too lazy to get up and grab the camera. We got Round Table last night. That's a big splurge because it's always more expensive than Pizza Guys.

Survivor was great. They all ganged up on JP and got him out. Even the other 2 guys voted for him. I'm glad the girls got wise and got together. I was really mad at Cao Boi for knocking that birdie down. At least they got the nest and baby back up there. It's starting to get interesting and I like to be about 3-4 episodes in and then start picking my fav's. Yul is up there right now.

Okay do you watch The Office? That show ROCKS!!!! The writers do an amazing job and the actors even more. Just so funny. I'm really ready for Jim and Pam to get back together. I love how Jim's office was playing Call of Duty. So when will he transfer back?

I still have on TIVO The Nine to watch. Looks kinda good. Another Party of Five alum in that show. Did you watch it ? Also I have been watching on Bravo "Million Dollar Listing" pretty funny stuff from the real estate biz down in L,A. I watch the first 10 minutes of The View. Rosie's funny but I don't really like the entire show.

Okay so this is a boring friday post all about TV. Sorry. I'm going to leave you with a little blogging secret. On the Chloe you see the little box between the words and the photo of Chloe? Click on it and tell me what you see ? :-)

Okay Steph O U T





mom-of-3boys said...

I think Survivor will be good this year! Man, Jeff Probst is sure becoming a pot stirrer!! Love it! I set The Office up on Tivo but have yet to watch it!!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

My goodness must have lots of TIVO to catch up on ...between you and Trina(who told me earlier I had to TIVO House of Carters), I'm going to very busy doing my TIVO homework!! LOL Thanks for the review!

E's Mom said...

I'm right with you girl on The View. I get my daily dose of Rosie on the opening segment and erase the rest.

JP was SURPRISED to go...

Vicki said...

Jim is going to start dating his new Office girl! :(
I don't see a box in Chloe's post. Am I blind?

Java Mom said...

Yes Jim is going to the dark side of Dunder Mifflin.....don't worry though ....Jim will come back to Pam~!!!