Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Going, Going...GONE

The long hair..it's gone...for now. He was ready for a hair cut and it was either this or a mohawk. Hey if the boy wants a mohawk I don't care it's his hair. I think he realized that he would be very Mike Bibby'ish after the MoHawk was all done and he wasn't "down" with that short of hair.

After church on Sunday he was ready for the cut. We went to the local Supercuts and sat down and he wanted to look at the hair books. We looked through them and he didn't really see anything he liked. So we got up and left!!!

Right before we leave to celebrate Thanksgiving with my sister and her family he decided that he wants Daddy to cut it. Daddy loves to cut him some hair!!!

1 comment:

Bahama Mama said...

OMG-is that really Wolf? What ahandsome young man!! LOve the new hair. It makes you look older!!