Thursday, November 02, 2006

the trip

Was lots of fun....I took almost 400 photos and Rob took two tapes of digital film footage of the trip. This will take me a little bit to post all of the photos and details. We had a great time and the weather was amazing. So Rob got a job at Disney and I will be working the Splash Mountain ride. Sorry folks we are out of here.....just joking...I do love LA. There is something really "cool" about it. BUT we wont' be moving anytime soon. They would really have to do something about the traffic!!!

I got the shirt I"m wearing from a cool website that I read FUSSY. She sells the shirts there and I wanted to see the response I got from wearing it there. Well it was very well read the entire day at Disneyland and I got a ton of comments on it. That's how my trip started. With a blogging shirt on and Mickey Mouse to explore!!!!

More to come!!!

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Vicki said...

Love your shirt!!! I am so happy you guys had fun! Can't wait to hear more!!