Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wacky Wednesday!!!

Hey everyone!!! It's WACKY Wednesday!!! It's a FUN DAY!!!! Okay my sister in law Wendy beat me to putting Thanksgiving photos up. I think she was secretly coveting the photos I took and was trying to copy my style. WHATEVER!!! :-)

Here's Wendy & Karen doing the Friends thing!!! You both look beautiful!!!

Here is my sister in law Marcey and myself doing the backwards friends thing. You can tell that she's a hair stylist cause my hair is dry and flyaway and her's is curled perfect and very much in awesome condition!!! We almost put our butts in the frame so you
guys got really lucky it was just our heads!!!

Thanks Uncle Kurt for this photo. Your really helping me out there!!! LOL

We had a very nice Thanksgiving at my in laws house and everyone was there!!! It's a place where you can have two "heaping" plates of food and no one cares. Well one sil might call you on it but you can still chow down and not care!!! LOL

Gobble Gobble


wink said...

Hey, I dont know what you are talking about....I had AT LEAST two helpings myself!! ;)

E's Mom said...

Love the pics with the frame. I may have to steal that idea.