Saturday, December 23, 2006

He caught me a bass !

I got a birthday card from Napolean this year!!! How cool is that? I'm also sending out lots of birthday love on my flickr photos!!!! I'm sure by now you know where to find them!!!

Today is Saturday. I hope to stay in my robe (my new super soft robe) all day and putz around the house. I got a new clothing storage thing in our bedroom and it's not quite working cause I have been to busy (or some may say lazy) to keep up on it. Also I thought I would put this funny photo in about how different Rob and I are. I'm a thrash and he isn't!!! We are truly ying and yang and that's okay!!! That's what makes it work for the last 18 years!!!

I got my holiday cards printed and they are still sitting here. So if you get yours for New worries!!! Hope everyone has a nice holiday!!! Peace and Love to you all!!!

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E's Mom said...

I'm doing the New Year's holiday card this year. Where did all the days before Christmas GO???