Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How the day started.....

It started as any good day would start with a strong cup of coffee and still in my pj's!!! Well Christmas Day did anyway. Today it starts with me getting ready for work. Yep you heard right. It's maybe the first time in a long time I have had to work this day. That's cool though as I love my job. Hubby is home with the kiddos today and if I'm lucky (please lady luck smile down on me today) then when I get home the tree will be gone. POOF just like that!!! Loved the tree and the walk down memory lane as I watched the kids hang the ornaments but as of 7:50 AM today....I'm done.....So Santa baby just one more wish since I didn't get the Nikon under the tree...please get this dang tree out of my living room!! :-)

I will be back with lots of photos....but in the meantime if you want a good laugh take a look at the beans funny hubby doing ____________. You can fill in the blank.....dont' worry all those under 18 fans out there....it's rated G.

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