Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Boi is almost 12...

You know that a birthday does not last one day anymore right? It's the party at school, party with friends, party with family and going out to dinner for the birthday. So several hundred dollars later and about a week or so the party is over. Heck it's lots of fun and the kids love it. How many of you have super memories of your birthday when you were younger ? I love having that memory for the kids and who knows...maybe they don't appreciate it but it's a special time to think back on the year and how they have grown.... My boi turns 12 this week. We started the party tonight with his Aunt Tam, cousin Chase and Kendall.

Do you know where to go to check out the pictures from tonight? Have fun!!!

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wink said...

Im sure this looks very similar to the moment he entered the world...all slimed out and gooey. :)