Friday, January 12, 2007

Don't BLINK!!!!!

Or you will miss it all.....Today my baby boy Wolfgang Alexander is turning 12 years old. He was such an easy and happy baby. Rarely gave me any trouble till he turned about 2 1/2. From the time he could walk he wanted to be outside exploring. There were many times where I would find him in the backyard with a little dixie cup trying to find rolly polly bugs or worms to collect. The backyard was his stomping grounds and several times he would fall asleep in the swing as he was in his element and was relaxed.

His best friends were the dogs and cats. He loved them and when he was little he was gently and loving to them. Now he dresses them in Build A Bear clothes and Kev Fed hats. His love of animals has grown into reptiles and we have always tried to give him the room he's needed to explore this. Of course this included keeping crickets in the house, mice-cicles on hand and the occasional funerals of a loved pet.

He loves to read and do most everything that boys love to do. Ride skateboards, play basketball, video games, surf the net, bounce in the trampoline and swim!!! He's got a little spark in his eye that can easily be brightened when hanging out with cousin Chase and riding the tetter-totters at Sam's Club and trying to work the food ladies for more samples!!

He's very creative and can do wonders with a ball of string!!! There have been many times a Max Steel action figure has repelled across our living room!!

He's my co-pilot and one so fun to be around!!! He's always up for a adventure and still loves to sit on my lap and will still hug me!!!!

Love you Wolfie!!!! Have a great Birthday today!!!!


E's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Wolfie!!!

There's a teen lurking in the corner....Yikes.

wink said...

Ah, very sweet memories. You have been such a good mom to nurture all of your kids interests!

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday Wolfie! Hope you had a great day!

Mocha Latte Mom said...

Happy Belated Bday to Wolfie, Steph! Hard to fathom how quickly these kiddos grow up, isn't it? I can't believe he's 12. I still remember him as the little toddler when we first met, all those years ago. You're a great Mom Steph! Hope you guys had a super bday celebration. Jen