Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just get used to it....Game 2

Get used to all the basketball photos that is!!!!

Here's Lexi checking into the game. Division 1 is so flipping cute!!! After only a few practices they are starting to really get it and are having fun. Lexi was really nervous at first but now really loves it and wants to be in the game.

Here's Lexi and Ali. Ali is throwing the ball into Lexi and she's gonna take it down.....see how she's got her hands out and her target ready? :-)

Here's my boi WOLFIE running down the court...playing a Stanford or 51 or some sort of play. It's harder to get photos of this game cause they run so darn fast. Plus how embarassing is it for your mom to be taking a ton of photos from the sidelines...especially when there are other 6th grade girls there to watch the game also!!!! He played a great game and had some SWEET passes and a few buckets.....way to play as a team SPURS!!!!

Their coaches for this season are some high school boys friends of ours. They ROCK And Wolfie's (#21) been friends with them for several years now. He's loving his team and they are really starting to gel and come together. They are incredible supportive of all the boys and teach in a very nurturing way. Thanks Dustin and Kyle!!!!

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3boysmom said...

Bring 'em on every week! I love seeing all the kiddos bball pics!!!