Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let's play some Basketball!!!!

Wolfie got to hit the free throw line twice yesterday. He made both second shots. He played some kickin defense and was packing and blocking like crazy. They didn't win....but you know's all about teamwork and learning something new!!! Rock on SPURS!!!! Huge props to the coachs. It takes a village and I have been nothing but impressed but the coach's he's had in the last few years!!!

Lexi got to guard one of her friends Belle. It was so cute and Lexi had a great time. She had some anxiety over the official "game" with points but once I told her that they don't keep track of points and it's just fun she got into it.

Basketball rocks!!!!!!!

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3boysmom said...

Way to go W & L! It's not about the *win* it's about learning the fundamentals, working as a team & having FUN!!! We can't wait to come watch your games!